PYC 2019: Strength in the Struggle, Strengthened by the Struggle - Volunteer/Chaperone Application
*To be a volunteer is a commitment! It is not just work done on the weekend of Pilipinx Youth Conference, but through Winter Quarter as well! If you apply you are going do work and learn how to organize along the way!!*


All worknights will be held in the SRRC lounge.

Fri, Jan 11th - 6-8PM
Fri, Jan 18th - 6-8PM
Thurs, Jan 24th - 8-10PM
Thurs, Jan 31st - 8-10PM
PYC WEEK: Mon-Thurs Feb 4-7 - 8-10PM

PYC | February 8-10, 2018

What is PYC?

Pilipinx Youth Conference (PYC) is an annual three-day event hosted by BRIDGE: Pilipinx Outreach and Retention at the University of California, Davis campus. PYC aims to empower high school students through workshops focusing on higher education, social activism, and Pilipinx hxstory and culture. The purpose of this conference is to preserve our stories, our Philippine culture, and our hxstory. PYC aims to remind students that their experiences are truly worthy and valid. This conference will foster a space for participants to engage in thoughtful reflection of their past and present experiences in relation to their multiple identities.

What does the “x” mean?
The purpose of using “x” in “Pilipinx” is to allow the FilAm community to utilize language that is gender-inclusive, meaning it encompasses all those who do or do not identify within the gender binary. This may include, but is not limited to trans and gender-queer identified folx.

Why use the “P” vs “F”?
In many indigenous Pilpinx languages, but not all, the “f” sound did not exist in the ancient traditional scripts. BRIDGE uses the “P” to reclaim and have agency over our identity. Usage is based on individual preference.

Theme: "Strength in the Struggle, Strengthened by the Struggle"

The inner rings of a tree tell a lot about the life it has lived. The weathering isn’t always visible on the bark, but the rings will show the tree’s history and scars. The trees hold knowledge and wisdom, observing how a community develops and watching the world change around them. Despite the storms that the tree may face, it rises powerfully from the ground. Our people witness the resistance, discrimination, and injustices done to us--whether we realize it or not--yet, we continue to produce the will to overcome and the ability to grow in strength. Our struggles may not show on the surface, but our history is undeniably rooted in our veins.

The tree is part of the larger forest, individually playing a vital role to the health of the earth underneath it. Interlocking their roots, forests can prevent landslides by keeping each other grounded and intact. As a community, we can withstand the storms even if the rains try to flood what grounds us.

The forest is part of the larger ecosystem. It also plays a vital role to the health of the other plants and animals that occupy the forest. Our solidarity with other communities is necessary for a functioning ecosystem. Because we have the strength developed from the struggles that we have endured, we can collectively depend on each other to work towards a healthy future.

Strength blossoms from the struggles and hardships in your lived experiences. We can use this strength to have confidence in ourselves and in our identity, as well as lend support to our other community members experiencing their own weathering.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:
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