Event Fund Request Form
In order to request monetary support from the UCSRN to organise an event open to all UC students in the Netherlands, please fill out the following information.

Please be informed that any final budget allocation will have to be discussed within the Social or Academic Committee before being discussed and potentially approved by the Executive Board.

For any questions regarding this form please contact the UCSRN Executive Board Treasurer at info@ucsrn.nl

Note: contributions for the UCSRN Tournament & Spotlight event shall not be allocated through the filling out of this form.

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Please motivate the requested amount in relation and proportion to the type of event. Herein elaborate on the number of students, the aim of the event and the contribution the UCSRN would be able to provide.
Event Budget
Please upload, if applicable, the entire budget for the organisation of the event in question.
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Please provide the account number of the event organising party
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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