2020 Reps End of Year Reports
A massive thanks to all reps in this exceptionally complex and difficult year.

The end of year report is your chance to reflect on the experience of being a rep, the highs and lows, and the advice you would like to pass on. The form will stay open to the end of term so you have a chance to confer with fellow reps if you are doing a joint report and to allow time return to it if you want to add anything.

There are some specific questions this year, to get a fuller understanding of how you have managed the challenges of 2020. We are also working on making changes to bring the rep system into line with the changed academic structure, and to make reps voices a factor in all areas - not only within departments, but in all area’s that impact on students’ experience.

Please answer all the matrix questions, and if you want to elaborate do use the open comments in each section.
At the end will be a chance for you to state anything you didn't get to say.

The reports are for sharing with future reps in your department, so they deal with what you did in the role and are not confidential; however any question that is more personal (not about the role) will be dealt with separately in aggregated form, so individuals are not identifiable.

*** We wish you the best in the exams *** and to have a wonderful summer *** and thank you for all the ways you have helped assert the students voice this year ***
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