2020-2021 Yearbook Class Application
Yearbook is different from many other courses you might take. Students in the yearbook class work together to photograph, edit, promote, and produce the school's yearbook publication. We are looking for a wide variety of students with varying interests to take part in this important work.

You will learn with industry-standard photographic equipment, use Adobe Photoshop and InDesign in the course, as well as learn basics of running a business as it applies to Computech's Yearbook production.

Students will be expected to attend a limited number of events outside of school time to chronicle the events and happenings around campus. Scheduling is flexible around your prior commitments.

If you have any questions about the yearbook class or this application, please see Mr. Vinson or email him at edward.vinson@fresnounified.org.
What is your first name? *
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What school do you currently attend? *
Please provide the name of an adult at school who can speak about your creativity and problem solving ability. *
Do you enjoy capturing memories as photos and videos? *
Describe one photo or video you took and also describe the feeling/emotion that it represented to you.
What sports and activities are you thinking of participating in at Computech? (Please check all that apply) This is NOT to stop you from participating in Yearbook if you are involved in too much, but is instead intended for us to get a wide-range of students interests)
In a paragraph or more, tell me how you would benefit our yearbook program.
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