Falcons Elite Basketball Club
Triangle Muslims, based on additional feedback from the community, will be launching yet another project - Falcons Elite Boys Basketball. This is targeted towards building a team of youth, under 14 years, that would, play basketball at the next level, build chemistry in a Muslim environment, represent the community, and play together at AAU tournaments as well inshaAllah. We are excited and look forward to your continued support and participation.

It also is a project that is wholly owned and run (kind of like a small business) by the youth, with some oversight from the Triangle Muslims management team. May Allah make this a truly rewarding experience for everyone involved inshaAllah.

Triangle Muslims would love to encourage the community youth, who may have similar ideas, that align with our long term goals and vision, to come forward. We shall provide the back office support, while keeping the idea champions focused on the offering itself inshaAllah.
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