Wedding Request Form
Hello! Before you begin to fill out this request form, please read the information below so that you understand the full process of involving Trinity in your wedding, of which your completion of this form is the first step. Only one member of the engaged couple is required to fill out this request form.

Trinity offers three options:

1) Use of our sanctuary and one of our pastors to officiate the wedding ceremony.

2) Only the use of one of our pastors to officiate the wedding ceremony (i.e., wedding at a location other than Trinity)

3) Use of our sanctuary and the use of your own pastor to officiate the wedding ceremony.

Please be advised that Trinity pastors do not officiate weddings out of state or on Sundays, and we cannot guarantee our accommodation of requests that are made within 6 months of the wedding date.

For each of these three options, at least one member of the engaged couple must be someone who has, over an extended period of time, participated fully in the life of Trinity. In addition, the bride and groom must each complete the Trinity Premarital Questionnaire, the Prepare/Enrich Assessment, and, at a minimum, attend one meeting together with a Trinity pastor.

Please note that weddings are not a part of our pastoral staff's normal working hours, so there is a fee of $250 as a way to honor their time and commitment. This helps cover pre-wedding meetings and time given during the weekend of the wedding. Please let us know if this fee creates a financial burden.

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Trinity also offers a Premarital Mentoring program. The goals of Premarital Mentoring are twofold: first, we want engaged couples in our church to establish friendships with other married couples who will come to know them well and be there as a connection point as they begin to navigate life together; second, we want to provide a hospitable and safe environment within which engaged couples can reflect deeply on their own personal and family history, their shared desire for marriage, and what life together might look like. There are four premarital mentoring meetings prior to the wedding, and one 6-month follow-up meeting. Participation in the Premarital Mentoring program is not a requirement for involving Trinity in your wedding.

The cost for the Trinity Premarital Mentoring program is $100.

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Upon your completion of this request form, a Trinity staff member will contact you with the Premarital Questionnaire and Prepare/Enrich Assessment, as well as information on next steps.

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