Application Media Accreditation
Accreditation National Media
Closing Date : Wednesday 21 october
Uiterste datum indiening: woensdag 21 oktober
Date limite de soumission: mercredi 21 octobre
Media accreditation and media attendance for Renties Ypres Rally Belgium is subject to FIA confirmation given the particular context caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. FIA, the Promotor and the Renties Ypres Rally Belgium organisers are working on formulating guidelines, which will be published as soon as details can be confirmed. Untill then, media accreditations for Renties Ypres Rally Belgium is not open but media representatives willing to join the event should express an intention to attend by sending an email to :

- National media: National Press Officer: Hugo Van Opstal -
- International media: FIA Media Delegate: Vera Dussausaye -
- National and International TV and radio media: WRC Promotor -

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the requirement for the remaining 2020 events to be held on modified terms, media accreditation for international Rally-by-Rally and national media will be strictly limited in number and subject to FIA Confirmation (this does not apply to permanently accredited media).

Tabard Media (photo) : no access to Service Park & Media Zone
Media : no access to Service Park

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