2019 Texas Baptist Hunger Offering Quarterly Report
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Find the organization that is partnered with the Christian Life Commission to receive Hunger Offering funds. If your ministry partner does not appear, proceed to the next question.
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Share about your ministry's work with hunger this quarter. Please make a note of how Hunger Offering funds have specifically helped with your ministry’s hunger relief efforts.
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How did your ministry alleviate poverty using a sustainable approach this quarter? Please make a note of how Hunger Offering funds have specifically helped with your ministry’s community development efforts.
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Number of people who participated in classes (funded by the Hunger Offering) that you offer
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Please submit a quote from someone involved in your ministry (e.g. director, staff, volunteer, client served) saying how the Hunger Offering has made a meaningful contribution and/or impact to your ministry and/or a quote thanking Hunger Offering donors for their support.
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Please share a story of a specific person or family whom you served this quarter. We are interested in the people you serve and the servers you support. Please send photos that will compliment the story and work of your ministry to rebecca.trevino@texasbaptists.org
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