Queer Choir Amsterdam members application form
Hello and welcome! We are grateful for your interest in the Queer Choir Amsterdam. Please note that we are a small, self-organised group. Therefore, our pace of intake isn't as high as we would like it to be at the moment. We strive to review applications every quarter, so please allow for some time for a response. 

Thank you for your understanding, and we're excited to get to know you 😊

A bit about the choir:

Queer Choir Amsterdam is an artistic initiative that premises the creation of a brave space to celebrate and nurture our unique identities and voices. Through our rehearsals and performances we express our ideas for the futures we desire and the narratives we want to share.

  • There is no membership fee to join The Choir.
  • The Choir is a space to create joyous present's and futures.
  • It is a place to express solidarity with people who have been systemically and systematically oppressed, marginalized, and repressed.
  • Free Palestine, Free Congo, Free Sudan, end Caste Apartheid.
  • We prioritize BIPOC, DBA, trans and disabled queers for membership.
  • It is a brave space and that entails that if you have thoughts/opinions/feelings/ideas members want to share, they absolutely can. That also means you are expected respect other members' identities, thoughts and feelings.
  • Repertoire: We write and compose our own songs, however, that skill-set is not a prerequisite to joining the choir.
  • No singing experience or capability necessary! We are more about joyful noisemaking and exploring ourselves through sound, and hence not fixated on technical perfection.
  • Performances: There is no obligation to be part of performances if one does not want to. If you do want to be part of performances you would need to attend the pre-performance rehearsals.
  • The choir is attempting to move towards a horizontal operational system i.e. beyond singing, members can contribute to the various processes that sustain the choir e.g., fund writing, catering, review of new members, social media management etc. Again, it is not an obligation.

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