Turn PA Blue Social Media Questionnaire - Stage 1 (Introduce & Humanize)
Please fill out the following questionnaire as much as you feel comfortable so that Turn PA Blue can promote your candidacy via various social media platforms from now until the November general election. Here's our appropriate strategy (with lots of overlapping and adjustments as necessary)
Stage 1 - Introduce & Humanize Candidates
Stage 2 - Issues & Policy Positions
Stage 3 - Making the Case for Votes
Stage 4 - Importance of this Election
Stage 5 - GOTV & Election Day
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Hometown & Your Childhood
Where did you grow up? What was your hometown like? What was the demographics of the area? What did you do for fun? Did you have summer jobs? What did your family do for fun? What other family members do you have? Any childhood pets (and names)? Favorite things growing up...such as books, movies, activities, sports, etc.?
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Education *
High School alma mater? Undergraduate degree? (which school, degree field), Graduate degrees? (school, field?) Future educational plans? Certifications? GPA? Academic awards? School sponsored activities (sports, music, art, etc.)
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Personal Information
Married, single, kids, etc? Kids (names?), current pets? Where did you meet your spouse? How did they/you propose and where? Honeymoon?
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Travel / Activities
Travel (favorites, last place visited, most exotic, favorite food, etc), Bucket List travel destinations, hobbies, activities
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Favorite holiday? How does your family celebrate ...? Any interesting family holiday traditions? Travel anywhere for holidays? Did you ever play a really good April Fool's joke on someone?
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Veterans / Military
Did you serve in the military? Any close family members serve? What branch? When? During any military conflicts? Any ancestors who were veterans?
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Do you currently play any sports (organized or not)? Watch any sports? Major league team favorites? (ex. Eagles, Steelers, Phillies, Pirates, etc.) Do you attend games in person? Favorite Olympic sport?
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Random Facts
Last famous person that you met? Highest level politician met? Favorite selfie with someone was with...?
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Random Favorites
Favorites... movie, actor, music group, book, U.S. President, subject in high school to study, TV show, song to sing in the shower or car, superhero, etc.
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Other thoughts or comments
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