Open Letter to Minister MacLeod
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The Honourable Lisa MacLeod, MPP
Minister of Children, Community and Social Services
6th Floor, Hepburn Block
80 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1E9

Dear Minister,

On July 31, 2018, you announced that your government will announce a new direction for social assistance in Ontario, based in part on “compassion for people in need”, after a 100-day review that ends November 8. You have said that “we need to do more than just help people remain mired in poverty” and instead “help stabilize people in need and support them to succeed”.

We are writing as agencies, organizations, and individuals who are concerned about the future of social assistance in Ontario and who care about the implications of this review for the nearly one million Ontarians who rely on Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program for income and other supports. Many of us receive benefits and supports from these programs and need them to be drastically improved.

We agree that Ontario’s social assistance system doesn’t work, and that ensuring stability and providing support are what's needed in a new system. Despite some small positive recent changes, the system is fundamentally the same as it was twenty years ago. It is based on outdated thinking and outmoded ideas about what the programs are supposed to achieve. Its continuing inadequacy of benefits and focus on punitive and coercive rules is counterproductive and simply traps people in poverty instead of providing the supports they need to stabilize and move forward in their lives.

That’s why we urge you to ensure that the following “Five Principles for an Effective and Compassionate Social Assistance System” form the foundation for the new system. These principles arise out of previous reviews and from the concerns of numerous community members and advocates voiced consistently over the past twenty years.

1. Income adequacy

An effective and compassionate system:

• Provides enough money to cover the true costs of regular living expenses. Adequate incomes allow people to stabilize their lives and act as a springboard to participation in the economy and community.

• Eliminates all lower benefit rates, like the board and lodger rate, so that everyone gets the full basic needs and shelter amounts, and preserves special benefits, like Special Diet, that are required to maintain health and pay for special needs.

• Receives adequate investment from government. Fixing the system will require investing in people up front. Spending cuts will worsen poverty, prevent the system from meeting its goals, and stop people from reaching their potential. Savings will come when people are better supported, healthier, and potentially able to leave the system.

2. Economic and social inclusion

An effective and compassionate system:

• Is based on supporting people to participate in both community life and the economy, and recognizes and values both paid and volunteer work.

• Provides practical, individualized, trauma-informed supports and services to help people stabilize their lives and promote inclusion in the economy and society, and does not expect them to seek work while stability is being sought.

• Is accompanied by strong employment standards that protect workers and encourage good quality, well-paid, accessible jobs with decent working conditions and disability accommodations, for people on social assistance to move into.

• Provides employment and training supports that allow people to move into decent work, as and if they are able, by tailoring those supports to individual needs, interests and strengths and to conditions in local labour markets.

• Allows people to keep more of the money they earn from work, as well as funds from contributory benefit programs (EI, CPP-D), retirement savings (RRSPs and TFSAs), financial help from friends and family, and payments from trusts or life insurance.

• Supports people to build healthy, sustainable relationships by ensuring that financial responsibility for a spouse starts after three years of living together, not three months.

3. Access and Dignity

An effective and compassionate system:

• Provides help for people to apply for programs and benefits and reduces the time it takes to be approved. It makes it easy for people to get information, know their rights and responsibilities, and understand the benefits they’re entitled to.

• Ensures that people get the supports they need from the first day they enter the door to respond to their immediate needs right away and set them up for future success.

• Transforms the role of caseworker from “welfare police” to supportive service providers, to help people stabilize their lives, receive the supports they need, build on their strengths and achieve their goals. This kind of system operates more efficiently and uses fewer resources to administer.

• Treats people in need with the respect and dignity that they deserve in every encounter, whether via caseworkers, other staff or automated technologies, and secures the privacy of the information they provide.

• Ensures people who are unable to use technologies that are not accessible to them, are difficult to navigate, do not accommodate their disability, or are out of reach by virtue of their low incomes are not disentitled or adversely affected.

• Co-designs programs and services with people on OW and ODSP, particularly in the creation of a program that recognizes the need people with disabilities have for long-term and individual supports, eliminates asset rules, allows people to keep other public benefits (like CPP-D and EI), and makes it easier for those who work.

• Ensures everyone in need in Ontario has access to benefits, regardless of their immigration status and for as long as they continue to be in need.

4. Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples

An effective and compassionate system:

• Prioritizes better social and economic outcomes for Indigenous peoples in Ontario. Expanding the Remote Communities Allowance to more communities, giving more funds to those who live with family because of lack of housing, and paying for travel to traditional Indigenous healers is a start.

• Adopts an approach to service provision and supports and services that are rooted in Indigenous traditions and values. This includes providing holistic, wrap-around services that promote the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being of the individual, family and community.

• Ensures that First Nations design and control the programs and services that serve their communities.

• Provides enough funding for the programs to adequately serve Indigenous peoples.

5. Human rights, equity and fairness

An effective and compassionate system:

• Respects the international human rights agreements that Canada has pledged to uphold. This includes the right to an adequate standard of living, adequate social assistance benefits, more protection against poverty for people with disabilities and children, and freedom from discrimination when accessing benefits.

• Accounts for social factors that contribute to the need for social assistance supports, such as systemic disadvantage and structural racism that some groups in society face that prevent them from equally accessing life opportunities.

Thank you for your consideration of these important principles in your 100-day review.


1. Susan Clapham, Ottawa
2. Patricia Henry, Kingston
3. Marion Wright, Toronto
4. Mariana Versiani, Toronto
5. Maria Friis, Ottawa
6. Marshal Fink, Hamilton
7. Tom Goff, Burlington
8. Susan Mendoza, Mississauga
9. D. Pandoo, Toronto
10. Luisa Quarta, Toronto
11. Lori Kleinsmith, Niagara Region
12. Lynne Browne, Toronto
13. Noel Baszak, Toronto
14. Ganaele Langlois, Toronto
15. Jacquie Maund, Toronto
16. Ted Glover, Oshawa
17. Valerie Leitch, St. Catherines
18. Zach Leitch, St. Catherines
19. Joe Diemer, St. Catherines
20. Danny Downey, Toronto
21. Greg deGroot-Maggetti, Kitchener
22. Angie Lynch, Thunder Bay
23. Steve Mantis, Thunder Bay
24. Brenda Delahay, Ottawa
25. Trevor Manson, Toronto
26. Denna Dunn, Niagara Falls
27. Rikki Dunn, Niagara Falls
28. Rhiannon Thomas, Toronto
29. Irene Breckon, Elliot Lake
30. Lois Didyk, Toronto
31. Jody Smith, Toronto
32. Earle Rheaume, Ottawa
33. Joanne Bazak-Brokking, Peterborough
34. John Mossa, Toronto
35. Jonathon Herriot, Toronto
36. Erin Williams, London
37. Phyllis Helm, Lucknow
38. Victoria Panchuk, Rockwood
39. Michelle Cader, Toronto
40. Sosan Nasar, Toronto
41. Katie Remington, Owen Sound
42. Kelly Haggar, Grimsby
43. Jesse Pilgrim, Peterborough
44. Julia Brown, Toronto
45. James Houston, Toronto
46. William Osei, Toronto
47. Lisa Hallman, Kitchener
48. Cindy Smaggus, Ottawa
49. Carine Nind, Kitchener
50. Sharon Campbell, Toronto
51. Bob Luker, Toronto
52. Kate Chung, Toronto
53. Gail Pollard, Toronto
54. Alexandra Lamoureux, Toronto
55. Dorothy McFarlane, Oshawa
56. Tracey Lee Bencze, Peterborough
57. Sandra Renaud, Oakville
58. Lisa Buck, Englehart
59. Jennifer Attwells, Etobicoke
60. Joanne Stobbs, Orillia
61. Chris Dashney, Ottawa
62. Colleen Natarelli, Waterloo
63. Kristina Hall, Ottawa
64. Connie Walker, Kent County
65. Connie Davidescu, Kitchener
66. Angela Browne, St. Catharines
67. Richard Reist, Kitchener
68. Edwin Friest, Cambridge
69. Rodney Levett, Bala
70. Reilly Bowes, Gravenhurst
71. Marian Waffle, Oshawa
72. Erin Walters, Dundas
73. Lynn Clark, Burlington
74. Marcus Z, Ottawa
75. Jody Watson, London
76. Lynda Martin, London
77. Nicole Mindszenthy, Toronto
78. Suzannah Li, Toronto
79. Maryln Bojahra, Bracebridge
80. Tracey Lasook, Dorion
81. Christie McQuarrie, Mississauga
82. David Bush, Toronto
83. Yan Chen, Toronto
84. Tim Hegedus, Waterloo
85. Hazel Gabe, Ottawa
86. David Yetman, Brampton
87. Murray Lumley, Toronto
88. Sanjeet Dhillon, Brampton
89. Jessica Ponting, Toronto
90. Lyle Clark, Brantford
91. Lynn Anne Mulrooney, Toronto
92. Aidan Macdonald, Toronto
93. Jackie Esmonde, Toronto
94. Ruxin Yang, Toronto
95. Ping Gu, Toronto
96. Sivakumari Sivanathan, Toronto
97. Teresa Northcote, Toronto
98. Durene Gray, Guelph
99. Vivian Ho, Toronto
100. Nandini Ganeshalingam, Toronto
101. Terry Kelly, Toronto
102. Marie Belliveau, St. Catherines
103. Erinn Burke, Toronto
104. Emily Hill, Toronto
105. Lily Kaz, Toronto
106. Susan Hubay, Peterborough
107. Vibhor Garg, Toronto
108. Anna Willats, Toronto
109. Todd Gordon, Toronto
110. Sue Cardin, Aurora
111. Lu Roberts, Kitchener
112. Anjum Sultana, Toronto
113. Michelle Cho, Toronto
114. Helen Luu, Toronto
115. Al Garland, Innerkip
116. Deborah Bartlett, Woodstock
117. Diane Der, Toronto
118. Debbie Wickham, Erin
119. Gerda Kaegi, Toronto
120. Zachary Mcnally, Toronto
121. Julia Mcnally, Toronto
122. Bonnie W, Toronto
123. Mark Thomas, Toronto
124. Liz Forsberg, Toronto
125. David Ramsay, Goulais River
126. P D MacMillan, Toronto
127. Beth Bedore, Belleville
128. Amy Parascandalo, Oakville
129. Corrine Mead, Brampton
130. Farveh Ghafouri, Toronto
131. Lacey Techlowicz, Mississauga
132. Susane Gaudreau, London
133. Janet Snow, Waterford
134. Heather Hay, Gravenhurst
135. Kathryn Payne, Toronto
136. claude wittmann, Toronto
137. Colleen Barclay, Ottawa
138. Meghan MacDonald, Barrie
139. Brad Hayes, Burlington
140. Michaela Beder, Toronto
141. Sang-Hun Mun, Brampton
142. Alissa Tedesco, Toronto
143. John Bonnar, Toronto
144. Ritika Goel, Toronto
145. Madeleine Ritts, Toronto
146. Carolina Jimene, Toronto
147. John Morrison, Simcoe
148. Catherine Scott, Simcoe
149. Dave Smart, Bracebridge
150. Greg Shupak, Toronto
151. Mina Rajabi, Toronto
152. Dawn King, Rossport
153. Tracy MacMaster, Toronto
154. Kevin Brice-Lall, Toronto
155. Valerie Lannon, Toronto
156. Sylvia Pryde, Perth
157. Fatima Uddin, Toronto
158. Daniel Tseghay, Toronto
159. Diego Mendez, Hamilton
160. Jeffrine Laws, Thunder Bay
161. Mark Shapiro, Toronto
162. John Mills, Hamilton
163. Daniel Karasik, Toronto
164. Alia Karim, Toronto
165. Dayshona Montour, Hamilton
166. Calvin Prowse, Hamilton
167. Herman Rosenfeld, Toronto
168. Tania Christie, Hamilton
169. Rhonda Smithson, Perth
170. Evan Johnston, Hamilton
171. Ron Roach, Hamilton
172. Darlene Primrose, Lindsay
173. Sam Gindin, Toronto
174. Lauretta Blackman, Lindsay
175. Sarah Giles, Ottawa
176. Lesley Barron, Limehouse
177. Lee Reaume, Appin
178. Katrina Gervais, Hamilton
179. Jackie T, Timmins
180. Louis George, Toronto
181. Pina Carasi, Toronto
182. Michelle Cohen, Brighton
183. N Bryan, Toronto
184. Joan Frame, Hamilton
185. Viola Bos, Sundridge
186. Donna Eaton, Hamilton
187. Jacqui Holiff, Toronto
188. Sheri Paquette, Pembroke
189. Shannon Dashney-Gauthier, Deep River
190. Suza Hranilovic, Toronto
191. Denis Gauthier, Ottawa
192. Gary Bloch, Toronto
193. Kim Ducharme, Thunder Bay
194. Flo Sherwood, London
195. Ellen Deschene, Madoc
196. Linda Bourgeois, Highland Grove
197. Rick Kelly, Tottenham
198. Vanessa Emery, Toronto
199. José Zariffa, Toronto
200. Maureen Woodcock, Thunder Bay
201. Diana Da Silva, Toronto
202. Oliver Goncalves, Toronto
203. Sarah Fraleigh-Bulckaert, Dresden
204. Leslie Middaugh, Toronto
205. Katie Dorman, Toronto
206. Amanda Boyd, Stevensville
207. Kayla, Hamilton, Toronto
208. anne egger, Toronto
209. Jennifer Gallagher, Niagara Falls
210. Jason Gallagher, Niagara Falls
211. Laureena Fowler, Elmira
212. Marcarie Riel, Oshawa
213. Susan Toth, London
214. Shay Erlich, Toronto
215. Jenna Roy, Toronto
216. Elizabeth Lewis, Ottawa
217. Jesse Pine, Ottawa
218. Gladys Morris, Cobourg
219. Adam Orsini, Delaware
220. Ren Zacchigna, Toronto
221. Ryan Toews, Toronto
222. Shobana Ananth, Toronto
223. Elizabeth Sands, Oshawa
224. Elsie Matthews, Timmins
225. Gisele Charland, Cochrane
226. Jason Hartwick, Peterborough
227. K Philip Lawr, Wilberforce
228. Malachi Madigan, Thunder Bay
229. Greg Albo, Toronto
230. Pam Johnson, Toronto
231. Julia Gingrich, Hamilton
232. Kimberly Hurt, Kingston
233. Shadan Hyder, Toronto
234. Alida Morris, Toronto
235. Lori Paras, Thunder Bay
236. Sue Paskoski, Thunder Bay
237. Nancy Reilly, Thunder Bay
238. Amanda Mayhew, Toronto
239. Tracey MacKinnon, Thunder Bay
240. Terry Lowey, Thunder Bay
241. SJ Thiessen, Toronto
242. Jan Aikins, Orillia
243. Katie Boone, Toronto
244. Dianne Eastman, Maple Leaf
245. Jack de Klerk, Toronto
246. Cassandra Thornton, Thunder Bay
247. Rachel Marcus, Toronto
248. John-Paul Re, Hamilton
249. Andrew Bond, Toronto
250. Jade Wallace, Toronto
251. James Owen, Toronto
252. Dr. Patricia Cavanagh, Toronto
253. Antoinette Wertman, Toronto
254. Meb Rashid, Toronto
255. Sacha Agrawal, Toronto
256. Everdina Bos, North Bay
257. Stephen Hwang, Toronto
258. Aurora Myre-Severin, Sudbury
259. Belia Berrocal, Toronto
260. Rachel Ross-Vance, Toronto
261. Norman Sponchia, Thunder Bay
262. S W, Perth
263. Heather Mcculloch, Elora
264. HT Daly, Guelph
265. Stephen Hudecki, Hamilton
266. MaryAnn Thompson, Ancaster
267. Eleanor Grant, Waterloo
268. Stacey Reilly, Toronto
269. Janice Dowson, Toronto
270. Lori Stoute, Toronto
271. Rachel Gillooly, Kawartha Lakes
272. Janet Chappell, Toronto
273. Monica Walsh, Toronto
274. Dharshika Watson, Toronto
275. Hanna James, Toronto
276. Anne Noble, Hamilton
277. Heather Smyth, Toronto
278. Jennifer Hulme, Toronto
279. Alison Charlebois, Toronto
280. Catherine Faye, Toronto
281. Julie Caron, Toronto
282. Maggie Laidlaw, Guelph
283. Dorothy Marren, Combridge
284. Sahana Kesavarajah, Toronto
285. Kathleen Grace, Brantford
286. Lisa McCuaig, Sault Ste. Marie
287. Cynthia Surette, Napanee
288. Kate Lawson, Kitchener
289. chris labenski, Hamilton
290. Roxie Danielson, Toronto
291. Alicia Berkelmans, Branchton
292. Deborah Pink, Toronto
293. Bob Wood, Port Rowan
294. Vanessa Catalan, Thunder Bay
295. Tanya Nash, Ottawa
296. Maisie M Brown, Toronto
297. Angela Plant, Ottawa
298. Marg Carter, Guelph
299. Lucy Manchester, Toronto
300. Katherina Yerro, Toronto
301. Mary Crowe, Ottawa
302. Beth Schilling, Perth
303. Raymond Bastien, Peterborough
304. Carmela Magliocco, Ottawa
305. Chelsea MacDonald, Hamilton
306. Patti Maurice, Guelph
307. Larissa Neumann, Oakville
308. Tyler Brown, Petrolia
309. Jules Tupker, Thunder Bay
310. Rebecca Strung, Toronto
311. Stephanie Cox, Burlington
312. Neil Waytowich, Peterborough
313. Ivan Sherry, Toronto
314. Chris Duggan, Bracebridge
315. Ingrid Hunt, Carp
316. Bernadette Bradley, Stirling
317. Daphne Hunt, Toronto
318. Gerald Lahay, London
319. Italia Stephens, Puslinch
320. Gail Bennett, Toronto
321. virginia hair, Picton
322. Melike Ceylan-Leamen, Whitby
323. Marcela Greer, Thunder Bay
324. Paul Rainsberry, London
325. Robin Kelly, Toronto
326. Vivienne Bretherick, Oshawa
327. Valter Amaral, Toronto
328. Eleni Vassilakos, Toronto
329. Lisa Gallant, Kemptville
330. Garfield Yackobeck, Douglas
331. Douglas Quantz, Brockville
332. Evan Frost, Toronto
333. Julie Biddle, Toronto
334. Angela Lamothe, Ottawa
335. Stephanie Woodend, Ottawa
336. Tammy Stevens, Midland
337. Brian MacDougall, Oshawa
338. J Ives, Toronto
339. Charles Laforet, Kitchener
340. Rachel Kakegamic, Thunder Bay
341. Cathy Crowe, Toronto
342. David Tulloch, Barrie
343. Deborah Watt, Thunder Bay
344. Jim Stewart, Cambridge
345. Maureen Parkes, Thunder Bay
346. Jane Chasse, Thunder Bay
347. Hugh Tye, Hamilton
348. Joanne Boucher, Thunder Bay
349. Elliot Gustafson, Armstrong Station
350. Cheyanne Degagne, Thunder Bay
351. Lori Hoover, St. Catherines
352. Martha Watt, Toronto
353. Ann Peel, Toronto
354. Jin Chien, Toronto
355. Monica Eaton, Toronto
356. Caitlin Dobratz, North Bay
357. Amber Krogel, Toronto
358. Sonali Brown, Brampton
359. Valerie Nicholls, Ottawa
360. Pam Cicci St. Catherines
361. Charles Tossell, Sudbury
362. Elisha Rubacha, Peterborough
363. Jennifer Bucci, Toronto
364. Margot Fournier, Waterford
365. Tandy McHugh, Lindsay
366. Larissa Fan, Toronto
367. Jeffery Smith, Toronto
368. Elizabeth Greaves, Cobourg
369. Beth Bellaire, Cobourg
370. Brent Wilcox, Cobourg
371. Ashley Hunter, Cobourg
372. Jessica Petrillo, Toronto
373. Katherine Martin, Toronto
374. Nancy Robinson, Brighton
375. Ramsey Hart, Perth
376. Kim Gagan, Thunder Bay
377. Sue Rapattoni, St. Catherines
378. Steve Lamb, North Bay
379. David Twigg, Kingston
380. Kyn Barker, Toronto
381. Duane Bromfield, Toronto
382. Ian Masterman, Dundas
383. Laura Pratt, Windsor
384. Paddy Anne Hobbs, Toronto
385. Hau Truong, Toronto
386. Matthew Teghtmeyer, Ottawa
387. Larissa Popert, Oshawa
388. Nicola Koyanagi, Peterborough
389. Kelli Laurenceson, Brampton
390. Mike Heggie, Rockton
391. Karen Kowalchuk, Hamilton
392. S. C. Gates, Ottawa
393. Kim Adlard, Toronto
394. Anna Eidt, Peterborough
395. Monica Lam, Markham
396. Moon Inthavong, London
397. Judi Marton, Thunder Bay
398. Chelsea McMullan, London
399. Julie Kivinen, Kaministiquia
400. Cheryl Kozell, Waterdown
401. Don Wilkinson, Richmond Hill
402. Sarah Whalen, Belle River
403. Stephanie Dickson, Windsor
404. Melissa Jones, Toronto
405. Mohamed Dahaln Windsor
406. Kalin Dokis, Toronto
407. Kylie Robinson, Toronto
408. Susan Miller, Peterborough
409. Ryan Miller, Peterborough
410. Michele LaLonge-Davey, Sarnia
411. Susan Woolhouse, Toronto
412. Cameron Walsh, Toronto
413. Joanna Hemberger, Windsor
414. Patricia Smiley, Toronto
415. Jennifer Vickers, Toronto
416. Sharon Anderson, Toronto
417. Vanessa Sparks, Toronto
418. Alison Anderson, Cambridge
419. Brenda Dyke, Toronto
420. Mariusz Musial, Toronto
421. Siobhan Sexton, Merrickville
422. Christina Kerfoot, Lombardy
423. Susan Winship, Toronto
424. J Francis, Kitchener
425. Joan Seligman, Perth
426. Michelle Speers, Oshawa
427. Jennifer Jilks, Perth
428. Katherine Novak, Toronto
429. Mark Grath, Keswick
430. Mina Kazemi, Toronto
431. Laurie Fisher, Toronto
432. Shawna Dixon, Toronto
433. John Baumann, Toronto
434. S Yu, Toronto
435. Judith Glennie, Aurora
436. Bev Langill, Cambridge
437. Joseph Manocchio, Mississauga
438. Chris Sellors, Thornhill
439. Lorie Papple, Toronto
440. Helen Shoemaker, Kitchener
441. Evelyn Steinberg, Toronto
442. Georgina Johnson, Toronto
443. Tom Flemming, Hamilton
444. Joanne McIntosh, London
445. Julie Rabah, Orangeville
446. Christine Huddleston, Toronto
447. Janice Lundy, Vienna
448. Nancy Traill, Stouffville
449. Glenn Phillips, Toronto
450. Sandra Parker, Kingston
451. Joanne Cantrill, Toronto
452. Nancy Parker, Kingston
453. Sarah Culbert, Exeter
454. Andrea Hodgson, Mississauga
455. Sybil Judge, Thunder Bay
456. Kathleen Doukas, Toronto
457. Maya Maliakkal, Markham
458. Harry Ennis, Toronto
459. John Gentile, Oakville
460. Rose Carreiro, Toronto
461. Brad Stevenson, Sarnia
462. Peter Trzebiatowski, Hamilton
463. Charlotte Smith, Peteborough
464. Brynne Sinclair-Waters, Toronto
465. Viviane Kone, Richmond Hill
466. Katlyn Ziegler, Toronto
467. Eugene Resta, North Bay
468. Barbara Wiktorowicz, Toronto
469. Becca Coffin, Toronto
470. Julieanne Dawes, Toronto
471. S. Despres, Brampton
472. Lynn Turney, Mississauga
473. Laura Cattari, Hamilton
474. Marguerite Rendering, Lindsay
475. Melissa Goldstein, Toronto
476. Chris Labenski, Hamilton
477. Anita Khanna, Ottawa
478. Simon Lebrun, Hamilton
479. Kathleen Marcucci, Toronto
480. Michael Maranda, Toronto
481. Heather Campbell, Brampton
482. Darrell Bryan, London
483. Todd Caslick, Kitchener
484. Ian Murray, Toronto
485. E Chase, Toronto
486. Ilana Newman, Toronto
487. Deanna Richards, Ajax
488. Cassandra Witteman, Orillia
489. Barbara Jones, Toronto
490. Marcia Cannon, Portland
491. Karen Sutton, Hamilton
492. Roxane Larabie, Stirling
493. Anthony Brunk, Kingston
494. Jessica Perlmutar, Thornhill
495. Laura Neidhart, Ottawa
496. Valerie Dawson, Sault Ste. Marie
497. Melissa Turpel, Mississauga
498. Trudy McCormick, Fort Frances
499. Harriett McLachlan, Ottawa
500. David Meyers, Toronto
501. Sarah Johnston, Toronto
502. Paul Audley, Toronto
503. Arthur DeNyke-Crofton, Oshawa
504. Ron McNabb, Arnstein
505. Cathy McCance, Trenton
506. Robert Aldred, Toronto
507. Rick Kowerchuk, Cambridge
508. Alexander Wilson, Toronto
509. Dawnmarie Harriott, Toronto
510. Angelo Luu, Toronto
511. Tim Maxwell, Toronto
512. Cathy Kozuch, Toronto
513. Catherine Ward, Toronto
514. Katelyn Woodruff, Hamilton
515. Cathie Stewart, Brantford
516. Sharon Mclean, Toronto
517. Christopher Hasler, Hamilton
518. Rev. Robin Wardlaw, Toronto
519. Anita Barnes, Toronto
520. Erin Emms, Toronto
521. Carlyn Zwarenstein, Toronto
522. M Griffin, Toronto
523. Catherine Atyeo, Port Colborne
524. Laurie Hall, Toronto
525. Tina Loft, Frankford
526. Elin Goulden, Toronto
527. Paul Dekker, Sarnia
528. Joanne Bacon, Toronto
529. David Theriault, Simcoe
530. Sandra Marcok, Toronto
531. Bonnie Wood, Toronto
532. Helen Parkinson, St. Catherines
533. Kyle Hewitt, Amherstview
534. Courtney Baylis, St. Catherines
535. Andrew Beeton, Toronto
536. Lori Dervent, Oshawa
537. Susan Eagle, Barrie
538. Kyle V., Windsor
539. Delmonte Amendola, Toronto
540. Janet Rowe, Toronto
541. Yvonne Treffers, Atikokan
542. Monique Twigg, Toronto
543. Gordon Pender, Toronto
544. Patricia Callaghan, Sault Ste. Marie
545. Nicole Kell, Trenton
546. Jessica Stromberg, Campbellford
547. Venus Carter, Toronto
548. Erinne Wreggitt, Fort Frances
549. Gail Wetton, Toronto
550. Audrey Huntley, Toronto
551. George Bartlett, Toronto
552. Sonjia McEachin, Hamilton
553. Rob S., Oshawa
554. Ramona Moore, Thunder Bay
555. Theresa Claxton, Toronto
556. Barbara Stromberg, Campbellford
557. Gail Nybeef, Bowmanville
558. Mary C. Kelly, Toronto
559. Charmaine Jensen, Ajax
560. Patti Asselstine, Belleville
561. Fortunato Papalia, Kincardine
562. Deborah Schneider, Toronto
563. Brian Cardin, Aurora
564. Charlene Grandmaison, Toronto
565. Joan Compton, London
566. James Lofstrom, Oakville
567. Claire Littleton, Thunder Bay
568. Cameron Watts, Toronto
569. Michele Myers, Toronto
570. Tammy Wilson, Perth
571. Roger Bernicky, Perth
572. Pitsulak Vachon, Perth
573. Norma MacKenzie, North Bay
574. Mary Fraser, Toronto
575. Nancy Vernon Kelly, Waterloo
576. Angelo Colussi, Toronto
577. Dale Mann, Lindsay
578. Maggie Helwig, Toronto
579. Sarah Kohl, Mississauga
580. Beth Ponka, Thunder Bay
581. Julie Rose, Innisfil
582. Cynthia Neufeld, Windsor
583. Nancy Paine, Newmarket
584. Sam Biggs, Thunder Bay
585. Céline Marti, Thunder Bay
586. Kimberley Weaver, Peterborough
587. Mary Margaret Kachurowski, Hamilton
588. Jan Swinburne, Toronto
589. John Campey, Toronto
590. Shawna Lane, Toronto
591. Evelyn McQuarrie, Guelph
592. Krystal Germiquet, Toronto
593. Linda Sepp, Ottawa
594. Laura J Mac, Peterborough
595. Nancy Leff, Toronto
596. Patricia Huculak, Toronto
597. Ted Ingram, Lindsay
598. Melody Tomkow, Kingston
599. Susan Richards, Smiths Falls
600. Rajoo Makhi, Thunder Bay
601. Kim Facca, Thunder Bay
602. Adri Fair, Campbellford
603. Marnie Russell, Richmond Hill
604. Ginger Schmid, Kitchener
605. Karen Steward, Toronto
606. Ruby Keeping, Lindsay
607. Alvin V, Toronto
608. Brian McIntosh, Toronto
609. Marla Flear, Alliston
610. Jeri Laraway, London
611. Kane Hart, Manitouwadge
612. Julie Halloway, Manitouwadge
613. Jim Epp, Highgate
614. Hong Lam Toronto
615. Grace Dickson, Harrow
616. Colleen Perry, Ottawa
617. Rodney Levett, Mactier
618. Melissa Borkovich, Hamilton
619. L. McDaniels, Toronto
620. Diana Maloney, Hamilton
621. Tricia Dunbar, Toronto
622. Cheri Patrick, Bridgenorth
623. Maria Mekhemer, Hamiliton
624. Mindo Kaur, Brampton
625. Patrick Yves, Nipissing
626. Jaspreet Dhillon, Hamilton
627. Rachelle Dahl, Windsor
628. Crystal Keller, Guelph
629. Tracy Waines-Fenton, London
630. Annette VanOldenbarneveld, Hamilton
631. Tamra Harten, Chatham-Kent
632. Toni Panzuto, Toronto
633. Ingrid G, Kawartha lakes
634. Gary Robinson, Ottawa
635. Jennifer Stone, Toronto
636. Dana Lear, Toronto
637. Ray McKenna, Toronto
638. Rochelle Kirubanandan, Toronto
639. Carol Douglas, Toronto
640. Don Barrett, Toronto
641. Susan Chopin, Brampton
642. John Pesce, Toronto
643. Francine Geraci, Toronto
644. Jihane Sahli, Toronto
645. Liz Voth, Toronto
646. Megan Maloney, Toronto
647. Vinicius Mueller, Orillia
648. Ashley Hall, Toronto
649. Lyn Braun, Omemee
650. Pam Lahey, Guelph
651. Jane Karwat, Oshawa
652. Nichole Bolton, Hamilton
653. Amanda Bolton, Hamilton
654. Taylor Meredith, Toronto
655. Tracy Currie, Ottawa
656. Cheryl Kivinen, Thunder Bay
657. Samuel Appiah, Etobicoke
658. Andy Jackson, Toronto
659. Will Noiles, St. Catharines
660. Jacqueline Egerton, Kitchener
661. Kenneth Egerton, Kitchener
662. Cyndy Maracle, Toronto
663. Sarah Lappan, Chatham-Kent
664. Cayleah Lamarsh, Toronto
665. Deb Reynolds, Peterborough
666. Carol Ward, Aurora
667. Mary Veltri, Thunder Bay
668. Colleen Ginter, Thunder Bay
669. Lori Gilbert, Thunder Bay
670. Linda Beacham, Kenora
671. Pauline Richardson, Kaministiquia
672. Francine Desjardins, Carlsbad Springs
673. Gillian Sawaged, Alliston
674. Tina Brophey, Guelph
675. Ana Long, Hamilton
676. Kim Collins, Toronto
677. Brian McInnes, Thunder Bay
678. Sandra Carpenter, Toronto
679. Karen Yoshida, Toronto
680. Shakera Mitchell, Toronto
681. Amina Hagar, Toronto
682. Jaycee Nasj, Toronto
683. Nashyla Laptiste, Toronto
684. Camila Vasquez Larranaga, Toronto
685. Jaime Oskam, Toronto
686. Crystabel Neilson, Toronto
687. Shaniel Pierre, Toronto
688. Noemi Giron, Toronto
689. Maryssa Eccles, Mount Forest
690. Ricardo Lopes, Toronto
691. Miriam Ketonen, Thunder Bay
692. Kathleen Baleja, Thunder Bay
693. Noemi Farkas, Toronto
694. Michelle Duncanson, St. Catherines
695. Haroon Akram-Lodhi, Toronto
696. Tania Dillon, Richmond Hill
697. David Olson, Toronto
698. Bronwen Falko, Richmond Hill
699. Akua Kwarko-Fosu, Toronto
700. Dawn Smith, Mississauga
701. Marisa Chaves, Toronto
702. Rashin Alizadeh, Newmarket
703. Katrina Waters, Toronto
704. Nancy Hamill, Toronto
705. Ada Bravo, Hamilton
706. Tara Hahkala-Crawford, Thunder Bay
707. J Christian Stenfors, Toronto
708. Shelby Odom, Windsor
709. Bev Picard, Thunder Bay
710. Lynette Link, Jackson’s Point
711. Elizabeth Belluz, Thunder Bay
712. Joanne Tomlinson, Thunder Bay
713. Alexander Salton, Toronto
714. Lynda Sisco, Thunder Bay
715. Sandra Brown, Thunder Bay
716. Yvonne Hertzberger, Stratford
717. Nick White, Toronto
718. Carolyn Hood, Toronto
719. Cheryl Gray, Toronto
720. Ana Fabregas, Toronto
721. Christine Misztal, Perth
722. Chloe Novak, Toronto
723. L.A. Walm, Toronto
724. Liz McAuley, Ottawa
725. Susan Helliwell, Owen Sound
726. Thakshani Murugananthan, Markham
727. Eva Lewarne, Toronto
728. Karin Baqi, Toronto
729. Jezelle Solomon, Toronto
730. Bob Thompson, Thunder Bay
731. Karin More, Kingston
732. Michael Bressette, Hamilton
733. Genevieve Lester, Thunder Bay
734. David Varin, Cornwall
735. Elizbeth Jeffery, Toronto
736. Pamela Chynn, Toronto
737. Laura Massey, Toronto
738. Naneesh Powell, Toronto
739. Ruth Samuel, Toronto
740. Mehnaz Hasan, Toronto
741. Laura Griffin, Toronto
742. Anna Luca, Toronto
743. Cassaundra Dworaczek, Brampton
744. Susan Teeter, Ingersoll
745. Kristina Brousalis, Mississauga
746. Dominique Conway, Russell
747. Anna Colombo, Windsor
748. Deirdre McDade, Belleville
749. Tisha Alam, Mississauga
750. Erica Kelly, Corunna
751. Pat Robinson, Burlington
752. beth long, Toronto
753. Barbara Leiterman, Toronto
754. Monique Woolnough, Sudbury
755. Sara Omar, Milton
756. Adam Lee, Toronto
757. Melanie Recker, Sarnia
758. Michelle Ho, Toronto
759. Melissa Smith, Thunder Bay
760. Douglas Varrette, Toronto
761. Stephen Littleford, Toronto
762. Gail Buckley, Brampton
763. Kelly Johnston, Bowmanville
764. Lindsay Holder, Toronto
765. Johanna Macdonald, Toronto
766. Jennifer Mercuri Hourigan, Burlington
767. Lee Webb, Newmarket
768. Lawrence Burns, London
769. Rebekah Tannis-Johnson, Toronto
770. Justin Chong, London
771. Brian Killick, Sarnia
772. Patti Carson, Ingleside
773. Jasmine Tsang, Toronto
774. Jessica Chandrashekar, Toronto
775. Judith Kerr, Toronto
776. Dawn Robertson, Markdale
777. Sarah Downing, Toronto
778. Carolyn Lemsky, Thornhill
779. Gail Majovsky, Sarnia
780. Deborah Kehler, St. Catherines
781. Linda Newton, Mississauga
782. Karla Rylands, Brockville
783. Amy Scholten, Renfrew
784. Sabrina Shillingford, Toronto
785. Ginette Dominique, Ottawa
786. Robin Nobleman, Toronto
787. Patrick Beach, Mallorytown
788. Peter Park, Toronto
789. Kristin Godfrey, Lansdowne
790. Diana Rhodes, Cobden
791. Terri Willshire, Sarnia
792. Courtney Bartholomew, Toronto
793. Lisa Ridsdill, St. Catherines
794. Stu Morris, Peterborough
795. Anita Chard, Belleville
796. Florianne Bisson, Kitchener
797. Martha Macfie, Peterborough
798. Melanie MacKenzie, Thunder Bay
799. Jennifer Marr, Toronto
800. Xan Tristram, Ingleside
801. Robbie Gobeil-Hassan, Whitby
802. Jonathan Tot, London
803. Sheila Borg, Parry Sound
804. Ayesha Noorani, Mississauga
805. Christine Beach, Mallorytown
806. Karen Roundpoint, Summerstown
807. Joe Gunn, Ottawa
808. Maria Christina Conlon, Toronto
809. Tom Patterson, Stratford
810. Sanjin Zeco, Toronto
811. Mike Gibbs, Ajax
812. Duncan Matheson, Midland
813. Kelly Palicki, Oshawa
814. Matthew Ing, Hamilton
815. Erika Wybourn, Toronto
816. Paul Miron, Orangeville
817. Cindy Law, Sarnia
818. Jannie Mills, Toronto
819. Joseph Dahonick, Toronto
820. Edward Ede, London
821. Ellen Woods, Toronto
822. Betty Prince, Toronto
823. Cara Monsaine, Toronto
824. Jo-Anne Christie, Toronto
825. Monique Ross Hamilton
826. Diane Lawrence, Toronto
827. Emily Waters, Toronto
828. Ian Alexander, Toronto
829. Kim Caboyers, Toronto
830. Melody Ellison, Toronto
831. Elise Mitchell, Toronto
832. Kimberly Muggington, Toronto
833. Janice Warrell, Simcoe
834. Margaret Brady, Ottawa
835. Sarah Morrison, Lucknow
836. Dick Prince, Maynooth
837. M. Tere Stinchcombe, Coe Hill
838. Pat Stephenson, Bancroft
839. Devin Hogg, Guelph
840. Patricia Hobbs, Toronto
841. Rhonda Skene, Toronto
842. S. McIntosh, Toronto
843. Shannon Angrish, Hamilton
844. Brian Johnson, Sudbury
845. Pat McGillivray, Maynooth
846. Julie Wright, Burlington
847. Judith Crane, Toronto
848. Shirley Jennings, Brampton
849. Julie Burnett, Ottawa
850. Jessica Westhead, Toronto
851. Gregory Daly, Toronto
852. James Ravenscroft, Richmond Hill
853. Dave Savard, Toronto
854. Derik Mcarthur, Sudbury
855. Cordelia Karpenko, Pickering
856. Michael Johnson, Ottawa
857. Gail Vaz-Oxlade, Brighton
858. Lori Farrow, Kingston
859. Melissa Taylor, Waterloo
860. Matthew Pilon, Midland
861. George Chow, Thornhill
862. Rachelle Berube, Toronto
863. Aldina Faria, Oakville
864. Matthew Gorzkowski, Ottawa
865. John Bastable, Haliburton
866. Kevin Brackley, Toronto
867. Hank Niezen, Oshawa
868. Michelle Kungl, Richmond Hill
869. Holly Matthews, Glencoe
870. Jennifer Shanks, Kitchener
871. Jennifer MacKinnon, Whitby
872. Margaret Dandrea, Maple
873. Stephanie Lukings, London
874. Julia Huys, Toronto
875. Ibrahim Fayaz, Thunder Bay
876. Ingrid Braun, Toronto
877. Emily Daigle, Toronto
878. Christopher B Daigle, Toronto
879. Angeline Douglas, Mississauga
880. Martin Higgs, Peterborough
881. Magdalen Maurice, Milton
882. Fran Barnett, London
883. Kim Plachta, St. Catherines
884. Jordan McCormack, Bowmanville
885. Tanya Dutton, Belleville
886. Jeff Denton, Toronto
887. Randall Baker, Toronto
888. Lorna Reece, Brampton
889. Diane Reid, Bradford
890. Eilert Frerichs, Cobourg
891. Shivani Hardeo, Burlington
892. Brenda Simons, Toronto
893. Michael Cowtan, Tupperville
894. Paul Pinkerton, Brantford
895. Margaret Vandenbroucke, Toronto
896. Tiziana Di Matteo, Woodbridge
897. John Stewart, Ottawa
898. Janice Jones, London
899. Mary Baumhour, Madoc
900. Julia Doucette, Toronto
901. David Simon, Mississauga
902. Timothy Gilbert, Toronto
903. Shantel Perry, Toronto
904. David Moore, Oshawa
905. Tammy Markos, Toronto
906. Lee Pepper, Ottawa
907. Bianca Andre, Toronto
908. Glen Greenwood, Toronto
909. Jodi Cleveland, Beeton
910. Benny Bennett, Toronto
911. Dianne Miller, Ottawa
912. Sab G., London
913. Mike Lucas, Burlington
914. Peter Clutterbuck, Toronto
915. Rodney Lott, Beamsville
916. Joshua Parr, Essex
917. Jeannette Schwalm, Sutton West
918. Shelley Savor, Toronto
919. Mason Schwalm, Sutton West
920. Maria Santos, Toronto
921. Alexander Zsager, Toronto
922. Daryl Afelskie, Toronto
923. Lucy Costa, Toronto
924. Cindy Sternberg, Fort Frances
925. Jim Schilz, New Hamburg
926. Deyanira Benavides, Welland
927. Josh Fitzgerald, Thunder Bay
928. Sara Maclellan, Guelph
929. Zachery Madsen, Thunder Bay
930. Gail Osborne, Toronto
931. Hugh McCully, Burlington
932. Kristina Beeby, Burlington
933. Elizabeth Snowden, Pickering
934. Catherine Fenech, Brampton
935. Kylie Watson, Parkhill
936. Tom Sandford, Toronto
937. Steven Kidd, Hamilton
938. Tasha Schmidt, Orillia
939. Carmen Chiappetta, Guelph
940. Stephen Crane, Thunder Bay
941. Kerrie Lambier, Brantford
942. Lisa Kokanie, Thunder Bay
943. Jody Dales, Sunderland
944. Evan VanDyk, Toronto
945. N. Siciliana, Beamsville
946. Debra Seminoff, Toronto
947. Rev. Brooke Belliveau, Cobourg
948. Chantelle Cairns, Ottawa
949. Mary Adderley, Thunder Bay
950. Frances Adderley, Thunder Bay
951. Cindy Doze, Kitchener
952. Ceri Rees, Pontypool
953. Ryan Friedman, Toronto
954. Chris Harris, Toronto
955. Simone Ruellan, Mississauga
956. Katherine Henderson, Aurora
957. Allan Baker, Toronto
958. Vittoria Iozzo, Toronto
959. Blair Ruston, Toronto
960. Ruth Ingersoll, Belleville
961. Julie Bridgen, Brantford
962. Christine Farrar, Ottawa
963. Gila Cupchik, Toronto
964. Andrea Seip, Wellesley
965. Anita Webb Perth
966. James Russell, Thunder Bay
967. Vida Arthur, Brampton
968. S. Mahr, Toronto
969. Robin Tagliabracci, Sault Ste. Marie
970. Corrina Leblond, Brampton
971. Elaine McKee, Toronto
972. Gwen Friedman, Toronto
973. Cathy Vautour, North Bay
974. Anne Seeley, Toronto
975. Lillian Mendelsohn, Toronto
976. Kendra Perry, Thunder Bay
977. Paul Dowling, Toronto
978. Kolin Davidson, Toronto
979. Chris Tomsett, Dobbinton
980. Randy McDonald, Thunder Bay
981. Suzanne Klein, Toronto
982. Stephanie Reid, Owen Sound
983. Leeann Strachan, Thunder Bay
984. Teri Muszak, Toronto
985. Zoya Taghavi, Thornhill
986. Judy Hemming, Toronto
987. Ann McGuire, Thunder Bay
988. Charlotte Jara, Mississauga
989. Serafina Mauro, Thunder Bay
990. Christine Bélanger, homeless
991. Anne Boys, Ottawa
992. Joanne Pirstl, Kingston
993. Kathi Tucker, Fort Frances
994. Brianna Robinson, Toronto
995. Daniel Connor, Toronto
996. Eric Mendelsohn, Toronto
997. Michael J. Gyovai, Brampton
998. Doris Cooper, Mississauga
999. Murray MacAdam, Peterborough
1000. Alison Brown, Toronto
1001. Lise Vaugeois, Thunder Bay
1002. Barb Imrie, Bolton
1003. Doug Kwan, Toronto
1004. Linda Bachmaier, Thunder Bay
1005. Karen Beauvais, Courtice
1006. Christeen Thornton, Oshawa
1007. Alma Lennox, Mississauga
1008. Ralph Cooper, Morrisburg
1009. Leah Scott, Guelph
1010. Cheryl Benson, Toronto
1011. Amy Steele, Toronto
1012. Bonita Moroz, Thunder Bay
1013. Danielle Bisnar, Toronto
1014. Ruth Schembri, Toronto
1015. Sheri Cameron, Toronto
1016. Barbara Sheffield, Toronto
1017. Rose Siger, Toronto
1018. Kellie Thomas, Georgetown
1019. Katiie Barbisan, Toronto
1020. Charlton Elliott, Toronto
1021. Martin Klein, Toronto
1022. Bee Lee Soh, Toronto
1023. Avivah Wargon, Toronto
1024. Karen Weyman, Toronto
1025. Gary Lilwah, Toronto
1026. Liz Janzen, Toronto
1027. Karen Simpson, Thunder Bay
1028. Susan Lewis, Kitchener
1029. Heather Websger, Toronto
1030. Sean Hollingsworth, Toronto
1031. Susan Forbes, Thunder Bay
1032. Patrick Morton, Kitchener
1033. Reilly Jones, Toronto
1034. Madeleine Burkhardt-Jones, Toronto
1035. Kelly Gordon, Minden
1036. Renata Saunders, Chatham-Kent
1037. Marie Van Horne, Chatham-Kent
1038. Trudy Lebans, Guelph
1039. Sylvie Trepanier, Longlac
1040. Mehnaz Hasan, Toronto
1041. Andrew Pickles, Toronto
1042. Ajman Ladner, Brampton
1043. Tracy Tucker, Toronto
1044. Fe De Leon, Toronto
1045. Dianne Pyke, Toronto
1046. Faheem Patel, Toronto
1047. Aidan Macdonald, Toronto
1048. Angela Huynh-Chew, Toronto
1049. Maureen Chow, Toronto
1050. Kingsley Kwok, Toronto
1051. Roitman Oviedo, Toronto
1052. Rachel Gnanayutham, Toronto
1053. Jim Zheng, Toronto
1054. Brigitte Martin, Toronto
1055. Banamah Choudhey, Toronto
1056. Jamie Bakelaar, Toronto
1057. Noreen Jamal, Toronto
1058. Yasmin Johnson, Toronto
1059. Sabrin Hassan, Toronto
1060. Naomi Berlyne, Toronto
1061. Nader Shayan, Toronto
1062. Vanessa Garofalo, Toronto
1063. Tiffany Ferrer, Toronto
1064. Mikayla Ferguson, Toronto
1065. Swatie Maharaj, Toronto
1066. Kelly Kranics, Mississauga
1067. Tolulola Taiwo, Toronto
1068. Tina James, Toronto
1069. Delroy Flowers, Toronto
1070. Aaron Finkler, Toronto
1071. Sarah Sproule, Toronto
1072. Angela Underhill, Tottenham
1073. Heather White, Burlington
1074. Kitty Dunn, Sarnia
1075. Kenneth Hale, Toronto
1076. Nancy McBride, Caledonia
1077. Wendy Adema, Glen Morris
1078. Brigdette Cayer, Ottawa
1079. David McKee, Toronto
1080. Rifat Chowdhury, Toronto
1081. Liz Gibson, Oakville
1082. Amy Cousineau, Orton
1083. Yalini Vijayanathen, Toronto
1084. Brian Charles, Toronto
1085. Maki Rose, Toronto
1086. Karen White, Toronto
1087. Evgenia Ignatova, Toronto
1088. Alison Townsley, Toronto
1089. Bianca A., Toronto
1090. Sandra Pereira, Toronto
1091. Khar Mohan, Toronto
1092. Evelyn Taylor, Welland
1093. Sharon Paves, Toronto
1094. Alex Shannan, Toronto
1095. Ashmita Ray, Toronto
1096. Mari LeBlanc, Toronto
1097. Camille Leano, Toronto
1098. Kathy Varnai, Toronto
1099. Judith McGill, Toronto
1100. Leah Dolmage, Toronto
1101. Melanie Marsden, Toronto
1102. Danny Rampersaud, Toronto
1103. Irene Pollock, Toronto
1104. Dorothy Lichtblau, Toronto
1105. Ashley Oliver, Barrie
1106. Sandra Donin, Thornhill
1107. James McQueen, Port Colborne
1108. Chloe Oliver, Toronto
1109. Wendy Broome, Toronto
1110. Lieran Docherty, Toronto
1111. Sarah Watson, Toronto
1112. Omar Brooks, Toronto
1113. Judy Michel, East Gwillimbury
1114. Kevin John Head, Toronto
1115. Donna McCormick, Toronto
1116. Chris Butler, Toronto
1117. Jose Escobar, Toronto
1118. Daniel Steiner, Toronto
1119. Almas Karmali, Toronto
1120. Ryan Glass, Toronto
1121. Joanna Drassinower, Toronto
1122. Denzil Barker, Toronto
1123. Heather McPherson, Toronto
1124. Fred Edwards, Fonthill
1125. Monica Varey, Toronto
1126. Dianne Taggart, Toronto
1127. Elaine Gareau, Barrie
1128. Linda Blackwell-daCosta, Shanty Bay
1129. Suzanne Hope, Mississauga
1130. Cathy Finlay, Elmvale
1131. Susan J Thompson, Toronto
1132. Ruth Millar, Barrie
1133. John Head, Kitchener
1134. Toni Pickard, Kingston
1135. Mary Todorow, Toronto
1136. Melinda Rees, Peterborough
1137. Rachel Gnanayutham, Toronto
1138. Dave Nickle, Peterborough
1139. Regini David, Toronto
1140. Harry Chang, Peterborough
1141. Jill McNall, Toronto
1142. Stephanie Clendenning, Oakville
1143. Kathleen Furlani, Peterborough
1144. Anchal Bhatia, Markham
1145. Joel Yinger, Brantford

1. Income Security Advocacy Centre
2. Addictions and Mental Health Ontario
3. Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario
4. Advocacy North, Thunder Bay
5. Advocates for a Better Future
6. Algoma Community Legal Clinic, Sault Ste. Marie
7. Alliance for Healthier Communities
8. Anti Poverty Coalition, Elliot Lake
9. Association of Rabbis and Cantors for Jewish Renewal
10. Basic Income Earth Network Trois-Rivières
11. Beach United Church
12. Canada Without Poverty
13. Centre for Addictions & Mental Health Empowerment Council
14. Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples Legal Clinic
15. Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic
16. Community Advocacy & Legal Centre, Belleville
17. Community Development Council of Quinte
18. Community Food Centres Canada
19. Community Head Injury Resource Services
20. Community Legal Assistance Sarnia
21. Community Legal Services of Ottawa / Services juridiques communautaires d'Ottawa
22. Congregation Darchei Noam Social Justice Advocacy Committee
23. Connected Families
24. CSCV-Clinique juridique francophone, Ottawa
25. Davenport Perth Community Ministry
26. East Toronto Community Legal Services
27. Etobicoke-Lakeshore New Democratic Party
28. Faith in the City
29. Gerstein Centre
30. Gnomes for Justice & Equality, North Hastings Chapter
31. Habitat Services Toronto
32. Halton Poverty Round Table, Haldimand County
33. Hamilton Community Legal Clinic
34. Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction
35. Health Providers Against Poverty
36. HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario
37. Housing Action Now
38. Humans of Basic Income
39. IAVGO Community Legal Clinic
40. Industrial Workers of the World, Hamilton
41. Injured Workers Action for Justice
42. Injured Workers Community Legal Clinic
43. Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition
44. Jane Finch Community Legal Services
45. Kinna-aweya Legal Clinic
46. Kinna-aweya Legal Clinic - Geraldton
47. Kitchener Waterloo Multicultural Centre
48. Lake Country Community Legal Clinic
49. Legal Assistance of Windsor
50. Legal Clinic of Guelph and Wellington County
51. Manitoulin Legal Clinic
52. Mark Larin Counselling Services, Newington
53. Mississauga Community Legal Services
54. National Coalition Against Poverty - Ontario Chapter
55. Neighbourhood Legal Services London & Middlesex
56. Neighbourhood Legal Services, Toronto
57. Niagara North Community Legal Assistance
58. Nipissing Community Legal Clinic
59. North York Harvest Food Bank
60. Northwest Community Legal Clinic
61. NorWest Community Health Centre
62. NorWest Community Health Centres - Longlac Site
63. ODSP Action Coalition
64. Parkcrest Tenants' Association, Toronto
65. Parkdale Community Legal Services
66. Peel Injured Workers
67. POOF Protecting ODSP/OW Funding
68. Poverty Free Thunder Bay
69. Poverty Reduction Network of Sarnia-Lambton
70. Poverty Roundtable Hastings Prince Edward
71. Put Food in the Budget
72. R.I.S.E. - an awareness, advocacy and action anti-poverty group
73. Revolutionary Student Movement - York
74. Rexdale Community Legal Clinic
75. Scarborough Community Legal Services
76. Seva Food Bank, Brampton
77. Simcoe Kairos
78. Sistering
79. Social Assistance Action Committee
80. Social Assistance Reform Network Niagara
81. Social Development Centre Waterloo Region
82. Social Justice and Advocacy Committee, Anglican Diocese of Toronto
83. Social Planning Network of Ontario
84. Social Planning Toronto
85. South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario
86. South Etobicoke Community Legal Services
87. Sudbury Community Legal Clinic
88. The New Vision Advocates
89. The Table Community Food Centre, Perth
90. Thunder Bay Health Coalition
91. Timmins-Temiskaming Community Legal Clinic
92. TNO - The Neighbourhood Organization
93. Toronto East Immigration Legal Services (TEILS)
94. Unison Health and Community Services
95. Vitesse Reskilling, Ottawa
96. Waterloo Region Community Legal Services
97. West Scarborough Community Legal Services
98. West Toronto Community Legal Services
99. YWCA Toronto

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