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Use this form to add yourself to Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE)'s list of external reviewers for research content.

If you sign up, we may contact you occasionally to review and critique research content before it is published, dependent on our needs and your expressed interests. You may decline to review any specific content, or ask us to take you off the list entirely if you are no longer interested in reviewing content generally.

Please don't fill out this form on behalf of someone else; instead suggest that they fill out the form or write to research@animalcharityevaluators.org with the name and contact information of your suggested reviewer.

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Describe any qualifications you have for reviewing specific types of content. What are the reasons why you might be the best reviewer for a certain project? If it's relevant, you can also link a blog or personal webpage.
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Describe the projects ACE works on that you would be most interested in reviewing. For example, are you interested in reviewing intervention reports, case studies about social movements, foundational work about cause prioritization, etc.? Are you interested in reviewing designs for primary research, plans for literature reviews or interviews with experts, summaries of previously published research, etc?
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