Workshop and/or Paper Proposal Submission Form

LOCATION: Temple University Health Campus
CONFERENCE DATE: Friday, April 27, 2018


We are looking for individuals who plan on attending the "PHENND CONFERENCE: Health," to be held Friday, April 27, 2018 to design and lead paper presentations and workshops. This gathering will be attended by 100-125 students, campus staff, faculty, and community organization staff active in community service, service-learning, and campus-community partnership work. While primarily targeting individuals who are part of the 25+ colleges and universities involved in the Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development (PHENND), this event is also open nationally to practitioners of campus-community partnership. Over the course of one day, between 3 and 5 elective choices will be offered during each of three sessions. Therefore, we are looking for a total of roughly 10-15 workshops and/or paper presentations.

There will be five tracks at the conference related to health:
- Environmental Health
- Child & Adolescent Health
- Health Workforce Development
- Trauma Informed Practice
- Healthy Campuses

We welcome workshops and presentations in each of these areas and are specifically looking for proposals that include:

• Reviews, how-to's, and/or critiques of existing campus-school-community partnerships related to health
• Discussion of collaborations between health-focused organizations or initiatives and other sectors such as arts, education, and economic development
• Lessons drawn from analyzing something at the intersection of the health and of campus-community partnership such as community service, service-learning, and community-based research
• Understanding of intercultural issues present in campus-community partnership work including best practices on how to assist students, faculty, community members, and institutions in dealing with these issues
• Presentation of relevant community-based and school-based programs with suggestions for how higher eds might become involved
• Best practices for using service-learning courses to address issues relevant to improving health
• Discussion of innovative approaches or best practices around policy issues (both on-campus policy and local/state/federal policy) related to health on campus such as smoking cessation or sexual health


Due to space and participant number considerations, AT MOST ONLY a total of five small workshops (25 people each) could be offered during a block. Please aim to submit a session for approximately 25 people. Regarding A/V: All workshop rooms will be equipped with a projector, computer and internet.


Please also note that doing a workshop does not qualify an individual for free attendance at the conference. Given the small nature of the conference, registration fees are important to cover the costs of speakers, food, supplies, and planning. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Conference registration fees will be approximately $50 per person.

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