Models of Pride 26 Parent & Professionals Institute (PPI) Workshop Application
Models of Pride, a free, one-day, LGBTQ+ Youth conference, is now accepting applications for workshops to be presented on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at Cal State Los Angeles (CSULA).

The deadline for submitting workshops is Thursday, May 31, 2018.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a member of the PPI Workshops Committee, please email or call Ariel-, (323) 860-3608

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If your workshop is intended for parents, are you able to provide it in Spanish?
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Detailed Workshop Description
If not fully explained in the above section, use this section to give a detailed description of your workshop to the Workshops Commitee.
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Please answer in numbered format (example Objective 1: Provide parents with essential tools to support their youth, Objective 2: etc.) What will participants walk away with? Why is it important that this workshop is a part of PPI?
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Ideally, in what kind of space would you present your workshop? *
Space is limited, but we will accommodate as best we can.
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Audio-Visual Equipment *
All classrooms are equipped with a projector & screen, computer, dry erase or chalk board, and free internet access. Please plan to bring your own patch cord if you have an Apple laptop and plan to bring dry erase markers if you'll need them.
Other Accommodations
MOP is committed to inclusion and accessibility. Please describe any additional accommodations that will facilitate your full participation, such as additional materials/space, ASL Interpreting, Accessible Parking, Ramps, First Floor Conference Room, etc.
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