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Any Products/Service that you offer?
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What all products do you buy daily/regularly?
From where do you buy?
Do you get fresh & best quality at cheapest price available in the market, every time on all the products you buy?
Do you buy extra and sometimes waste products?
Monthly how many days you do shopping for basic needs?
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Monthly How much do you spend on your basic needs?
Where do you go for shopping?
Monthly how many times do you go for bulk shopping (except basic needs)
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How much do you spend on your bulk shopping?
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Do you like to go out & shop yourself often?
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You go for shopping by
% of unwilling shopping just because it is your need & you don't have any other convinient option as per your flexible requirement?
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Do you like to pay extra for home delivery? How much % is affordable for you to pay for home delivery
Do you face any problem in home delivery? If yes specify?
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How is the logistic experience, do they deliver on time without asking your address again and again or they deliver on wrong address? How is the logistic experience, do they deliver every time without irritating & disturbing by asking location by getting confused resulting in delay and irritation?
Do you like to place order any time or at scheduled delivery?
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Do you doubt on Quality, Price, & timely satisfactory delivery and still buy it because you are not left with other better option in your busy schedule?
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What Minimum Order Amount will you prefer?
Will you prefer any amount, any product delivery with no delivery charge/minimal 3% delivery charge?
Tick all the product varieties that you generally prefer buying online
Please rate your expectations in a shopping model (in a scale of 1-5, least preferred to most preferred)
Have you ever used any website/app for ordering/delivery and how is your experience?
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What are the factor that attracts you in getting home delivery of products
Do you currently use any home delivery services?
Would you pay more for a home delivery solution so that you don't have to personally go down to the store to purchase products?
Do you think, we need a perfect solution to all the above issues?
Would you like to subscribe to JGI Local Logistic services? (We offer with our expertise guaranteed best quality products at cheapest price possible and available in market, our logistic guy will for sure irritate you once for 1st delivery but from next time its our promise to not irritate you for order of any of the products you need, Customer Plan and Terms & Conditions)
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