Taiwanese Waves 2017 紀念鑰匙圈/ Keychain
1. 預購單 − 填完單後四天內會收到匯款說明,如果有收到匯款說明代表預購成功 / Pre-order − You will receive a notification letter in four days after you fill out the form, which means you successfully ordered the keychain.

2. 鑰匙圈單價 台幣 $450NTD (不含運費), 美金$20 USD (不含運費)/ Price: $450 NTD or $20 USD per piece, shipping not included

3. 首批預購都會得到Taiwanese Waves貼紙一張 / Each pre-order will have a Taiwanese Waves sticker

4. 鑰匙圈顏色隨機挑選,無法挑色,請見諒! / We will randomly pick colors for you. No requests please, thank you for understanding.

5. 有任何問題請恰 taiwanesewaves2016@gmail.com / Please contact taiwanesewaves2016@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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