Big Blue Marble Potential Events Questionnaire
Big Blue Marble is a neighborhood-based independent bookstore that loves welcoming authors, book clubs, and book events. Because we are in a residential neighborhood, certain kinds of events have better draw, including:

• Events with more than one author
Single author events, unless the author has a strong NW Philadelphia connections, draw very little audience. We may not offer to host some single-author events.

• Events that offer more than a reading
Authors who offer workshops, demonstrations, craft talks, or other activities are much more likely to draw an audience. Remember that people don’t come out in their over-booked evenings just to hear a short reading and get a book signed. They will make time for an event that offers something to them.

PLEASE NOTE: this form is intended for authors, not publicists or publishers. If you here because you represent an author, please forward the link directly to the writer.

RESPONSE TIME: We receive many inquiries each week, and book events 3-4 months in advance. Depending on when in our cycle a request arrives, a response may take 2-4 weeks. We will only respond if we feel your event is a good fit for our store.

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