A Fine Line | Mentorship with Culinary Hero & $500 Scholarship Application
The "A Fine Line movie" team is so happy to announce that the MAPP Impact Campaign will provide a $500 scholarship and a mentorship experience with a culinary hero to a woman chef or restaurateur who is choosing to do something to advance in her career. Whether she is willing to go stage somewhere, expand her business, start a business, go for a promotion, anything to experiment towards advancement.

The winner in each Tour stop will be announced at each local Premiere of A Fine Line. Should you, or someone you know, want to apply, kindly fill out this form below.

Upcoming Tour Stops:
Las Vegas 2/18
NYC 2/28-3/5
DC 3/4
New Orleans 3/22

In order to qualify:

Follow @AFineLineMovie on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Share about your attendance on social media and tag @AFineLineMovie #AWomansPlaceIs #AFineLineMovie #MAPP
Must attend the event to receive the gift
Must be 18-years or older
Must have at least 2 years experience in the industry

For any questions, you are welcome to contact inspireAFLmovie@gmail.com
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