Please submit any original short stories, comics, or fables about the following theme: Roman Entertainment

Illustrations are encouraged but not required for entries.
All entries can only have a maximum of 250 words and only a maximum of ten pages (no larger than 8 ½” x 11”).
All entries must be submitted electronically by the teacher in DOC. via this form.
Each student must also submit an English translation of their story.
Due to the lack of nuanced provided by online sources, like Google Translate or William Whitaker's Words, they are not permitted, print dictionaries are encouraged.
Teachers are asked to check entries for plagiarism before submitting.

All entries will be judged by Latin teachers and professors who have training in Latin composition and/or oral Latin, using the following categories: grammatical and syntactical accuracy, choice of vocabulary, adventurousness, quality of work, and audience appeal. Students will not be judged on the Latinity of their word order but on the correctness of their grammar.

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