Yotsuba Society General Staff Application
The General Staff of Yotsuba Society work to study and preserve the Western Imageboard Culture in various ways. They do so via several methods and manners, they do not have to do all of them and can focus on at least one of them to suit their preferences. They also expected to interact and cooperate with other staff members YS to their goals.Their job is to contribute to the preservation of the imageboard culture by the following:

1. Writing articles based on the imageboard culture, history, or topics related to or interests related to imageboards (such as anime, Japanese culture, general interests, etc) at least once a month (small articles of one page or long form articles of multiple pages) A goal for each historian is to produce one major paper per month, along with a small article once per week.
2. Write short, one page papers on any thread or material they deem that should be to showcased for the YS archives.
3. Contribute to the YSwiki, by editing and creating new articles.
4. Assisting and helping people in anyway about the history and culture of the imageboard culture in anyway.
5. make research notes and categorize each thread possible for historians to view and analyze to help general staff make their papers.
6. Receive saved threads and images from the various imageboards from other channers and then store them, make copies of threads they receive from various sources via any means, such as CD or DVD discs, or an external hard drive

Again, they can focus on doing one of them at their own chossing or some. They also have access to a private staff board and chatroom and have access to a ## YS General Staff capcode on the Yotsuba Society Boards. After three months they can choose to be part of general staff or specialize into being a Historian, Archvisit, Chanthroplogist, or a Commentator.

*Please note that if object to putting your real first and last name for any good reason, we will not count that against your application.

General Requirements:

1. Have experience with writing and research.
2. Have a good command of English along with use of MS Word or similar word processing software for the writing short one page papers, short and long form articles, and making reseach notes.
3. Have general knowledge or have experience in the imageboard/*chan culture.
4. Use of photo editing software for annotating captures of threads
5. Have a external hard drive and/or recordable CDs/DVDs to back up and regularly keep backups of threads and pictures
6. Has general knowledge or have experience in the imageboard culture.
7. Previous experience, if applicable.
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