Myrtle's Monsters Quote Form Summer/Fall 2018 Completion
To receive a quote from Myrtle's Monsters please fill out the following information, we will try our best to give you a speedy quote. All commissions require a 30% down payment and this price will also be given to you at the time of your quote. Please note that a quote does not guarantee a commission slot, and you must be at least 18 to commission Myrtle's Monsters.
The process this time around is a little different, Myrtle will work on giving out quotes during the next few days and people who fill out this form during that time will receive a quote but are not guaranteed a commission slot.
After quotes are closed (which is dependent on number of responses) is over we will review all prospects and send out emails to the 2-3 projects we would like to take on.

If you need to back out of the consideration for the slots at any time (after filling out this form) please make sure to email us at to let us know.

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Your Age: *
Must be at least 18 to commission Myrtle's Monsters and if asked you must be able to provide proof of age (ie a photo with a valid state id)
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Your Characters Name: *
The name of the character you would like to commission.
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Your Characters Species: *
Please describe your characters species or hybrid of species.
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Costume Type Desired: *
Character Reference Url: *
please include a link to a multiview character reference that clearly shows your character, their markings and colors. A clear reference is REQUIRED in order to be considered for a commission slot. If this is not included a quote will not be given.
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Desired Add Ons:
Add ons are all the extra options you can add to your fursuit, but each of these options also add to the overall price. Please check all that you would like to add.
Any other Add Ons?
i.e. oversized ears/tail, horns, wings, extra parts, whatever you can think of!
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Just so we can contact you with your quote!
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