Marilynn Keeslar Award Nomination Form
The Marilynn Keeslar Award, was created to recognize an individual who encompasses the traits of Marilynn Keeslar. This is a great way to recognize a staff person, community member, advisory board member, school person, parent, etc. who has gone above and beyond for the health and well-being of Michigan’s youth.

Marilynn had a strong love for mankind. She was a great role model for those who knew her. Her personality exhibited zest, spirit, perseverance, and compassion. Her tenacity allowed her to get the job done despite any odds. Somehow, she always managed to get to get her point across, even against intense opposition. Marilynn was also a visionary. She was way ahead of her time in identifying the services that kids needed. Despite all these incredible traits, she remained humble and never judged those around her.

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