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1. The Baltic sea is unique because of its low salinity, weak tides, and shallow waters. In addition it is one of the most polluted in the world. Why?
2. Blue-green algae was one of the first organisms to live on Earth. In large amounts they produce poisonous toxins. Which elements cause rapid growth of blue-green algae when released in the Baltic sea?
3. What is one of the dangerous consequences of eutrophication, a serious threat to the Baltic sea that is caused by excess nutrients load coming from untreated sewage discharges and runoff from agricultural fields?
4. The Baltic Sea is endangered by yet another extremely unpredictable threat, which was dumped into the water more than 70 years ago and could cause great harm. What do you think is the ticking time bomb hidden on the bottom of the Baltic Sea?
5. In Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai the level of air pollution is very high and is dangerous for health. According to the research of Berkley Earth made in 2015, breathing this air could be compared to smoking cigarettes. Not everybody was agreeing with the conclusions of the researchers, but how do you think, how many cigarettes, according to this paper, should be smoked a day to get the same health risk as breathing the Beijing’s air during high levels of pollution?
6. What chemical was invented and received a Nobel prize for its value in agriculture, only to be banned 24 years later for its hazardous properties?
7. The Great Pacific garbage patch is a gyre of plastic in the Central North Pacific Ocean. It consists of particles of different sizes, from microparticles to visible pieces of plastic. It is considered an exceptional example of marine pollution because:
8.By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish! How much plastic is there in the oceans compared to fish now?
9. Burning waste is a way to minimize trash and produce energy. However, the process is very harmful to the environment. What is the reason?
10. Which of these pollutants, when released into the atmosphere, causes an “anti-greenhouse effect”? It acts as a “screen” and blocks solar radiation from reaching the earth’s surface, therefore decreasing temperature of atmospheric air. Large quantities of this substance are released during eruption of volcanoes.
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