Intercultural Community Weekend
The Intercultural Community Weekend (ICW) is an overnight retreat in which College Nine students begin to explore the College Nine theme with the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of International and Global Perspectives. Students will be given the opportunity to learn more about themselves and others, as well as develop intercultural awareness.

The retreat will be held on January 27th - 28th, 2018. Students will depart the morning of Saturday, January 27th and return mid-afternoon on Sunday, January 28th. Accommodations and meals will be provided. Students will be asked to bring a sleeping bag and/or other bedding.

Due to the number of available spaces, only approximately 25 students will be accepted. Priority will be given to College Nine students, to students who have not attended ICW in previous years, and to students who can demonstrate a future investment in the College Nine Community. The selection committee will work to ensure that the retreat participants reflect the diversity of College Nine.

The priority application deadline is Sunday, December 3rd.
After this priority deadline applications are still highly encouraged and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Questions can be addressed to Julie Phillips,

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Student Conduct
In keeping with the building of positive community and meaningful conversations the weekend offers, we expect that all attendees will adhere strictly to the UCSC Student Code of Conduct while in attendance at ICW. Do you agree to comply with all policies while at ICW? *
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Expressing Your Interest
Please tell us about yourself. What are some of the pieces of your background that contribute to who you are? *
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What does international and global perspectives mean to you and/or why did you choose to be a part of College Nine? *
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Please share with us why you want to be a part of ICW. What do you think you can learn from the program and what do you think you can contribute to it? *
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Are you willing to commit to attending ICW? *
Specifically, leaving by approximately 8am on Saturday, January 27th and returning at approximately 3:30pm on Sunday, January 28th.
Retreat Preparation: Cultural Artifact
If selected to attend ICW, you will be asked to bring a Cultural Artifact to share with the group and describe its meaning. This would be any item that you feel represents you or one of the cultures you identify with, that you would be willing to share with the group. Past examples include: portable musical instruments, clothing/accessories, photographs, jewelry, artwork, religious relics, etc.

Given the short time between being selected as a participant and actually attending the retreat, we encourage you to consider what item you might want to bring, so you can get it and have it ready in the event you are selected to attend.

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