Peace Meal's Fast Club - An Invitation
Puasa Ganti Exclusive
April 2021 - Any day before Ramadhan 1442
7pm-8.30pm Mukha Cafe TTDI

If you have a debt owed in fasting from previous Ramadhans, let us have a portion of that deed please.

Dates, lemonade, starter and main course are on us. Fasting is on you. Spaces are limited each date.

**If you'd like to donate money for the meals, WhatsApp +60122025466.
Your name please? Do register one name at a time. You can register on someone's behalf no problem but DO NOT use your name. Use their name. *
And what is your phone number? We will contact you to remind you on the day you committed. And also to send you future announcements specifically on #PMFastClub. You can opt to be removed. *
IMPORTANT: The dominant practice and position of Muslims in Malaysia is that of the Shafi'i madhhab/mazhab (school of jurisprudence), which does not allow for voluntary fasting in the second half of Sya'baan which is April this year. It is allowed with some exceptions. Do click below which applies to you. *
Which of the days will you be fasting for a free meal from Mukha Cafe? (Check box) *
It's not just about free food but helping make a blessed gathering go well and avoiding wastage and respecting others and.. *
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