Middlebury Geographic Editorial Board Application Fall 2021
We're looking for storytellers and creators, the traveler and explorer, and those who see words and photos as a way to take readers to far away places. If you have experience in Adobe studio design, high school journalism, editing writing, or photographic selection, we want you.

Modeled off of the yellow-book National Geographic, Middlebury Geographic is a bi-annual magazine that publishes student photography and writing that surrounds travel, humans, science, life, and the natural world. With such a creative and talented student body, and our mission to show the diversity and nuance of the lives and experiences of students, we try to publish as many people's work as possible. In order to make this happen, we need YOU.

Unlike other campus publications, being a part of Middlebury Geographic is not a time crunch or demanding. We'll spend about one hour a week together to discuss who we're going to publish and what needs to get done, then expect you to do one or two hours of editing, design, or writing on your own. At the end of the semester, we'll spend one very long day finalizing the layouts and then have a launch party where we distribute the magazine around campus. In general, we try to create an incredible magazine without much hassle.

If this sounds like you, we'd be stoked to learn more about you. Don't spend too much time or stress on these answers, we just want to get to know you a bit better!

Past issues:
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