Prakriti type assessment

Following questionnaire will assess your Prakriti so as to provide you the feedback about your Prakriti type or behavioral phenotype in prescribed format. Prakriti is sum total of morphological, physiological and psychological traits in human beings. Prakriti depends on genetic as well as acquired factors. The genetic factor depends upon sperm and ova, while acquired constitution depends on environmental factors like climate, season, time factor, age, race, family inheritance.

The clinical and therapeutic utility of the knowledge of Prakriti has been vibrantly described in traditional Ayurvedic texts. The knowledge of Prakriti is not only helpful in diagnosis and treatment but it is equally beneficial for healthy persons. It is
comprehensive in scope, spanning both physical and mental aspects.

This questionnaire will be useful to critically observe yourself and will give us information about your Prakriti characteristics.  

Your response will be used for research purpose only and analysis report will be sent to you within one week on the email address provided by you. As of now, the final outcome will be by combination of online questionnaire and Nadipariksha by the Ayurvedic doctor. Nadipariksha will be carried out during the workshop.
Those who will only fill the online questionnaire and not attending the workshop are requested to take an appointment for Nadipariksha at, to get the report.


I, the undersigned, voluntarily agree to take part in the study.

I have been given a full explanation by the scientific investigators of the nature and purpose of the study.

I have been given the opportunity to question the investigators on all aspects of the study, and have understood the advice and information given as a result.

All documentation held on a volunteer is in the strictest confidence and complies with the Data Protection Act (2013). I agree that I will not seek to restrict the use to which the result of the study may be put.

I confirm that I have read and understood the above and freely consent to participating in this study. I have been given adequate time to consider my participation and agree to comply with the instructions and restrictions of the study.


a) Please read each question very carefully before answering.
b) Answer all questions in numerical order.
d) Each question should be answered independently of others. No need to go back and check your answer.
e) For each question select one answer only.
f) Please answer each question as honestly as possible.

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Date of Birth & Time of Birth *
Gender *
Age (yrs) *
Height (cm) *
Weight (kg) *
Blood Group *
Postal address *
Current Occupation *
1) Do you change your body posture frequently? (You cannot manage yourself in a stable posture for a long duration.) *
2) Do even mild or trivial injuries on your body make you upset?( eg. small cuts or pricks) *
3) How will you describe your complexion in comparison with your family members? *
4) Are you slow in consuming the food? *
5) When you go to morning walk or college or office, do you walk slowly in comparison to others? *
6) If you are assigned any work, do you take some extra time to start it? *
7) How you will rate your immunity (For example, during seasonal changes, when your friends are easily caught up with flu etc., you are still healthy among them). *
8) When certain things don't go your way, do you get irritated easily? (For example, when you don’t get breakfast on time / or when the power goes off while watching a cricket match or your favourite movie on the television). *
9) Given a chance which type of food taste would you prefer? *
10) Are you more comfortable in winter than summer? *
11) Do you have excessive black moles, hyper pigmentation, wrinkling etc. on your skin? Or have you noticed new appearance of black moles often on your skin? *
12) Have you experienced pre-mature graying & early baldness? *
13) Do you feel excessive hunger & thirst in comparison to others? *
14) How will you describe your hair ? *
15) Do you involve yourself in risky & heroic activities helpful to others? *
16) Do you have ability to eat and digest large quantities of food or drinks? *
17) Do you sweat more? Does it has bad odor? *
18) Can you tolerate hunger (How will you react if you miss your meal?) *
19) Does your sleep last less than 6 hours per day? *
20) Is your sleep gets disturbed easily? *
21) Are you considered talkative among your friends? *
22) Do your veins & tendons (muscle endings) all over the body are clearly visible? *
23) Everyday how many times you go for bowel movement? *
24) Do you have tendency to gain or lose weight easily *
25) Do you keep changing your food habits from time to time? *
26) How will you rate your physical stamina and endurance *
27) Do you make friends easily & also lose them easily? *
28) Do you learn new things quickly and continue to work on the same in long run? *
29) Is your long term memory weak? (eg. you can remember only few names of your friends at your primary school, any special dates or incidences). *
30) Are you lazy and disinterested in activities like morning walk/ jogging/ swimming or any type of outdoor games? *
31) Do you prefer hot/warm drinks over cold drinks? *
32) How you will analyze yourself if you are asked to give a talk on a certain topic? *
33) Do you often feel stiffness in your body after exercise / travelling? *
34) How will you address the challenging situations in your life? *
35) How will you characterize your skin? *
36) Do you have cracks on the body especially on the heels and fingertips? *
37) Given a chance which hobbies will  you chose? *
38) How will you describe yourself? *
39) From following options to which group of animals you can relate yourself? *
40) Apart from the above questions would you like to speak or add any further?  Please feel free! *
41) Please sign/write your name with date *
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