Introductory session to the Living Philosophy program
Sign up to attend the introductory session to the Living Philosophy program. This is a free-to-attend one hour session with the teacher to know more about Living Philosophy, a 19-week program on practical philosophy. See below for a quick overview.
At New Acropolis (IONA), philosophy comes alive as we foster an active and practical approach to living philosophy towards collective growth of humanity.

Is philosophy restricted to books and concepts or is it possible to live the wisdom of the ancient masters in our everyday life? Our Practical Philosophy seeks answers to these very questions of the contemporary world.

‘Living Philosophy’ is the foundation of a journey to discover and experience the deeper esoteric concepts of self, nature and humanity.

Philosophy as a way of life begins foremost with an inward journey and when practiced, it finds its true essence of transformation of the self and that of the world around us.

The sessions provide a glimpse into the sources of wisdom with a comparative study of Classical philosophies across ancient cultures and civilizations.
Through the classes, we unfold the path of philosophy from Knowledge to Wisdom and from learning to living, as we uncover the mysteries of human consciousness and development.

The foundation course is the first level of study of Philosophy being taught at numerous centers of New Acropolis International Organization in over 60 countries for many years.

This unique program of philosophy is a pre-requisite for membership to the organization as well to continue subsequent advance programs of philosophy. It is structured into 19 weekly sessions which are combination of both lectures and practical exercises that foster philosophical, cultural and volunteering engagements.

Living Philosophy Foundation course comprises of 3 divisions:

I Individual – The mysteries of the Human self. Discovery and Awakening
II Society – Coexistence and Human relationships.
III Mankind – Esoteric History, Evolution and Destiny

Some of the sessions are:

Know Thyself

Different levels of human consciousness with perspectives from the east and the west. What is transient and what is eternal?

The Wisdom of Ancient India

Learn the story of Arjuna the warrior. The Bhagavad Gita describes the battles of life and tools to help us win this battle. Universal laws of Dharma, Karma, discernment to identify and implement the right action.

Life and Teachings of the Buddha

Explore the life of the Buddha and his teaching through the Dhammapada. This gives us practical advice on how to overcome pain and suffering and live a noble life.

The Artist, The In Love And The Philosopher

Who Are You? Discover the wisdom of the ancient Romans through the Stoic philosophers. Epictetus, Seneca and Marcus Aurelius teach us simple and practical philosophy, of working with virtues as a path to progress.

Tools For Life From The Ancient World

Explore the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians, the idea of justice. From ancient China comes Confucius’ expounding the importance of an ethical social order.

The Light At The End Of The Cave

What is the identity of a philosopher, the true leader and a politician. The metaphor of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, the grand illusion and how we can free ourselves from it.

Join us as we embark on this fascinating journey of bringing Philosophy alive !

This is a free introductory session about the roadmap of the course. Course begins on July 19th.

** Limited Seats

** Contact: | +91 96638 04871

** Program fee: Rs. 4500 (NOTE: This is applicable if you go on to register for the 19-week program. The introductory session is free to attend)

** Program Registration and further details:

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