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Bridge City Comics is committed to making sure you get to enjoy your weekly comics and we appreciate that you're here to support us!

IMPORTANT: Orders received before the release date will not be available UNTIL New Comics Wednesday. Again, early orders will not be available for pickup/delivery UNTIL day of release; orders received before 2pm Tuesday will be shipped that day for mail delivery on or after the Wednesday release date. Orders placed on or after the release date will be available for pickup/delivery upon notification.

Please reach out if you have any problems with this order form. We have set up dedicated communication channels for our online ordering: Text or voicemail 971-238-3467, or email and we will reply as we are able. You will not be able to edit your order once it is submitted.

Enter your email address below to get started; you will be given the opportunity to give us your preferred contact options later in this form. Your form will not be saved if it gets closed.
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A note before we begin:
Please be aware that quantities are limited and some comics listed might not be available at the time of your order. We will do our best to keep these forms updated regarding availability and reach out if there are any problems; restocks may be available to order on some items. Please bear with us as we implement this new ordering process. :)

If you have a subscription with us, we will proceed as this order being *in addition* to the comics that have already been added to your subscription box. Any duplicate comics will be removed. Your transaction total will include both your current subscription comics AND comics you order here.

We acknowledge that there are limitations to this ordering process (for example, it's maybe not an ideal method if you're after a large stack/~20+ comics). Just give us a call or email if this method doesn't work for you and we'll figure something out! We got you.
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