HCNA Skills Survey
Welcome to the Holy Cross Neighborhood Neighbor Association Skills Survey!

The Holy Cross Neighborhood Association (HCNA) is gathering information about the talents and skills of neighborhood residents who may be willing to share these skills and their time with the HCNA and area residents to make this a better place to work, live and play. We hope you will take a few moments to fill out this survey and consider what you can do to make Holy Cross even better!

The information collected in the survey will be used only by the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association staff and board; contact information will be kept private. If you have received a printed copy of this survey and are not filling it out online, please feel free to attach additional paper if your responses exceed the space provided. Surveys completed on paper can be delivered to Ray at 1416 Sturm Ave.

Feel free to contact ray.sahm@gmail.com or 317-946-9040 with questions or concerns.

Thank you!
1. What skills, knowledge and resources do you have that you may be willing to share with your neighbors and the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association (HCNA)? Check all that apply.
Multiple choice (select as many as you like)
2. HCNA Committee Participation
The following committees currently meet in the neighborhood. Meetings are held approximately once a month for about 2 hours. Click on any of the committees you would like to join and someone will contact you with more information.
3. Block Club (CrimeWatch)
If there isn't currently a Block Club (CrimeWatch) meeting on your block, would you be interested in leading or participating one?
Clear selection
4. What do you consider as the strengths of your area of the neighborhood?
5. What do you consider the weaknesses of your area of the neighborhood?
6. If you feel there are needs in the neighborhood that are not currently being met, please explain.
7. Do you have suggestions for other activities you think HCNA should create/coordinate?
8. Would you please share your contact Information? *
Contact Information is not required but if you would like stay in touch or have someone from HCNA follow up with you regarding any of your answers, please include contact information.
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