Modo Yoga Squamish: Energy Exchange Program
Hi & Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in the Energy Exchange Program. This program enables us to make yoga accessible to those who are wealthier in energy than they are in dollars!

Please take a moment to read through this outline about the Energy Exchange program before submitting your application, to determine if the program is right for you.

A Modo Yoga Energy Exchanger ...

~ is a committed yoga practitioner who strives to live Modo's 6 Pillars both on and off the mat

~ is interested in a thriving yoga practice

~ has a grounded schedule that allows them to fully commit to ONE 3 Hour Shift EVERY WEEK for a MINIMUM OF 4 MONTHS.

~ is a strong self-starter and great at working efficiently both as an individual and in a team.

~ embraces studio maintenance as "Seva", the Sanskrit word for Selfless Service and views the role of cleaning studio space, change rooms (even scrubbing toilets!) and laundry folding as an important opportunity to give selflessly to the yoga community.

** If you are currently looking for a job, working out a school schedule or have other such uncertainties in your schedule, please apply only once your schedule is solidified and you are able to confidently commit to a shift. Please consider honestly if this commitment will enhance your life balance.

If you feel you would be a great fit and this would suit your life, please fill out the application below....
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We are currently in need of specific shifts. Please indicate the shift times that will work for you. Please choose the last option if none of these work at this time. *
Why do you feel you would be a great fit for the Energy Exchange program?
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Do you have other interests/skills you could potentially trade for yoga?
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Do you have any planned time away and/or any foreseeable scheduling conflicts that may interfere with your 4 month commitment?
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What are your interests outside of yoga?
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If you were to be given one *super power*, what would you choose and why?
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What is the funniest/kindest/most surprising thing that has happened to you recently?
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Our Energy Exchanges are a very important part of the studio and our community. Your scheduled shifts help the studio run smoothly. It is essential that you are punctual, motivated, and interested in your growth as yoga student. Can you commit to this? *
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