WoCCode 2022 Cohort Application
Women of Color (WoC) – particularly feminine Black, indigenous, and Latinx people – are the most underrepresented demographic from high paying industries, including software engineering. Yet WoC are flush with the talent, creativity, and social insight to solve complex problems and lead in the software industry. This program seeks to unite members of minoritized groups, including trans-women, genderqueer, and masculine people of color, to battle feelings of isolation and marginalization that are prevalent in educational institutions and industry settings. Using a dedicated Slack space and monthly webinars, we seek to create a peer mentoring network for minoritized groups to engage, receive feedback, and troubleshoot issues around their participation in open source software communities.

We will accept a new wave of participants for applications submitted on a rolling basis. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at woc.code@gmail.com.
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