Proposals From Artists / Sponsors To Perform At MITHAS in Fall 2017. Application due by April 15, 2017.
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Which of India's Classical Music will you be performing?
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Who are your accompanying artists and their Instruments?
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When would you like to perform?
MITHAS Fall season runs from September - November. Spring Season is from March- June.
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What is the remuneration you expect for this concert so we can plan.
This information will be kept confidential within the MITHAS concert Committee. Please be advised that non 501-c-3 request will have the tax deducted and it takes 3 - 4 weeks from the day of the concert to release the funds.
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If MITHAS can arrange would you be willing to do a Free Lec-Dem?
Can we please hear a sample of your music or see your dance performance?
Please share an URL, a You Tube link or an I Cloud link to see and or hear your sample performance.
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If Your Performance is confirmed do you wish MITHAS to arrange your Boarding and Lodging? If so please specify your requirements.
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