Pipech Elite Virtual Goalkeeping Indoor Session #4 - Saturday May 9th, 2020 12 PM (noon)
Please complete this form to have access to the LIVE session and to complete payment. This form must be completed by an adult if the participant younger than 18 years of age. Cost is $7 for the session.

This LIVE INDOOR Session will occur on Saturday, May 9th at 12 P.M noon (EST), 9 AM (Pacific).

You will need some device with internet capability to view the session, such as a laptop, Ipad, or cell phone. You want to position the device so that you are able to view the session and directions and then participate. It is best if you can position your device so we can see you as well to provide feedback.

Participants will also need two soccer balls and their gloves. Indoor or athletic shoes will be fine. This session will focus on coordination exercises goalkeepers can do with the ball, footwork, speed and agility exercises for goalkeepers, balance exercises, and core strength work, all from their own home.

30 minute session (or More!). Ages 17-10. Drills can be modified by age/ability. Details on how to join the live session will be emailed Friday evening.
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I hereby certify and declare that my child is physically and mentally well enough to participate in this training. I also certify that my child has no injuries (GKs and participants who are injured should NOT participate). *
I hereby release Bob Pipech, his associates, or Pipech Elite Soccer and Goalkeeper Training (name of the brand) of any and all liability of any kind as a result of my child's participation in the training. I also hereby declare that my child participating is in good health and physical condition to participate in the training. It is highly recommended with any physical activity that you supervise your child when completing this training. If you agree, please type your Full Name - followed by your first two initials. -----------------------------------------------------------For example: John Smith would sign: John Smith - JS *
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Cost $7 per session. The goal of these sessions is to provide safe, excellent, yet affordable goalkeeper training to developing goalkeepers from their homes, while continuing support for our local business. Being a small business, your support is appreciated! Please select which option you are using for payment. *
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