2018 WMAN Conference Application

*Applications after June 8 are considered on a case-by-case, if space still available**

**Travel grants/scholarships available as part of the application form**


We’re pleased to announce the 2018 Western Mining Action Network Biennial Conference on September 27-29 2018, in Kamloops B.C., Canada, at the Thompson Rivers University. This year, the Stk’emlúpsemc te Secwepemc Nation’s (SSN) are our hosts!

Note: Everyone wanting to attend the WMAN 2018 Conference must apply, regardless of whether scholarship assistance to cover travel and/or on-site costs is needed, as we must manage our space as well as cost logistics. US attendees will require a passport to travel to the conference location. Your passport must be valid at least 3-months after the Conference dates: until January 2019. If you do not already have a valid passport, please be sure to order one now and show proof of request to WMAN before August 1st, as it can take up to 8 weeks to obtain one (to order passport, see here).

**Due to higher costs associated with this meeting location, WMAN will not be able to provide scholarships to everyone requesting one, and may not be able to cover the full amount requested. We encourage you to apply early and ask that you consider covering the costs (or a portion) of your own travel, if possible, to allow us to help those with the greatest financial need with our finite resources. The selection of scholarship recipients will be based on a diversity of criteria such as: size of organizations and financial need; Indigenous and non-Indigenous affiliation; geographical diversity (e.g. U.S./Canada, North/South, East/West, etc.); and more. Typically, we will not give more than one travel scholarship per organization.**

If you have any questions while filling out this form, please contact:
Marvel Karch, WMAN Conference Lead Logistics, marvel@worc.org, 406-252-9672, or
Jill Yordy, WMAN Conference Assistant Logistics, jillyordy@gmail.com, 907-987-9535

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Uniting for Healthier Lands, Waters and Future Generations
Application Due by June 8th 2018
Applicants should receive a decision by mid-July, or within 3 weeks after their application.

Please complete one form for each person applying to attend.

** Please note that all applications will be reviewed, but we cannot guarantee your acceptance, space, accommodations, or support for travel and on-site costs. Participants should receive a confirmation of their acceptance by mid-July or within 3 weeks after their application.**

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I understand I will have to pay the mandatory conference registration fee of $US150.00 or $US50.00 per day of attendance, per person, and that these costs do not include lodging costs and other unspecified costs. *
The conference fee only covers the cost of meals provided at the conference venue, as well as shuttle services between the hotel and conference venues and activities. Costs of lodging is an additional $50/night for a shared room, or $US100/night for a single room, and the Mount Polley Mine Tour cost will be additional. You will have to make a payment only if you are selected to attend the conference, we will let you know how/when. No reimbursement available.
If requesting an invoice please tell us the name/email/address to send it to.
If you do not need an invoice please write "n/a"
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What portions of the conference would you like to attend? *
The WMAN Conference events run from Thursday to Saturday, September 27-29, with an optional Mount Polley Mine Tour on Sunday September 30 (limited space, extra costs). We ask that you arrive one day before any event you plan to attend.
Since Mt Polley Tour is about 5 hours driving from Kamloops, would you prefer staying overnight and fly back home directly from Williams Lake instead of driving back to Kamloops if possible?
Lodging: What nights will you need accommodation? *
(estimated cost per night in USD: single room $100, shared room $50, includes breakfast)
Lodging Preferences *
*If you know another person applying to attend, you may tell us in the next question with whom you’d like to share a room.
Lodging Notes
If you need any specific accommodations with your lodging please note them here.
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Dietary restrictions/Food Allergies *
We will do our best to accommodate, when possible.
The conference meeting space and lodging accommodations are approximately 1.6km/1 mile appart. WMAN will provide a shuttle service for those who would like it. Would you plan on using the shuttle service?
Do you already have a passport valid through January 2019? *
US Applicants Only - passports can be ordered here: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport.html
Would you like to apply for travel and lodging assistance? *
US Citizens will need a valid passport to travel to Kamloops.
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