Engineers' Week 2017 Assistant Director Application
Please complete the form below to apply for an assistant director position. After completing the online application, e-mail an updated copy of your resume as a PDF document to with the following in the subject line: FirstName LastName Position. If you wish to apply to multiple positions, make sure you include every position that you're applying for in the subject line. If you would like more information regarding the details of each department or event, please read the Engineers' Week 2017 position descriptions below. If you have any further questions, please e-mail Nick Poindexter at This application is due by 11:59 P.M. on Wednesday, September 21st.
Planning Committee Structure
Engineers' Week 2017 Position Descriptions
Marketing Director
- Responsible for increasing awareness and participation in Engineers’ Week
- Manages all Engineers’ Week social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
- Implement advertising methods, such as light pole banners, bus banners, flyers, videos, listserv email blasts, and posters

Promotions Director
- Responsible for creating promotional items distributed at all Engineers’ Week events, including (but not limited to) bags, shirts, bracelets, and pens.
- Designs the Engineers’ Week program distributed with all promotional items.

Finance Director
- Responsible for handling all E-Week finances, including event budget reports and overall budget distributions
- Responsible for creating a detailed document recording all purchases made for Engineers’ Week
- Works closely with the executive director, event directors, Benton Engineering Council, and UF Student Government.
- Works with Industry Relations to manage corporate sponsorship

Industry Relations Director
- Create sponsorship packet to send to businesses and engineering companies
- Arrange broad media coverage (sponsorship quick sheet flyers) for E-Week
- Design or coordinate the design of industry sponsored logos, shirts, flyers and banners for E-Week
- Works with finance director to recruit coordinate sponsorship

Technology Director
- Responsible for designing an informative, convenient, and user friendly website containing all Engineers’ Week information, including event descriptions, dates, locations, and contacts.
- Works closely with Public Relations to design web content and promotional materials
- Assists with implementing new technologies into E-Week (e.g. barcode scanners, event statistics collection, etc.)
- Design a convenient check-in method for Engineers’ Week attendees

Engineering & Science Fair (E-Fair) Director
E-Fair is a two-day event where engineering disciplines present what their field entails and the real life applications of their field. The event typically feature speeches delivered by college administrators, professors, and student leaders, an interactive society fair, and tours. Over 20 STEM related organizations hold interactive events designed to allow students hands on view into multiple engineering concepts. Industry representatives will be invited as well as current UF students to showcase the research they are currently conducting. Prospective students will have the chance to meet current engineering students and hear their personal accounts of the engineering student experience

Engineering Talk (E-Talk) Director
This event features a series of guest speakers in the science field, preferably engineering, who will deliver a speech to the UF student body about the importance of modern engineering in today’s growing society along with the benefits and positive repercussions of interdisciplinary collaboration. The speakers should make direct ties between the two with the goal of underscoring the relationship among society, non-engineers, and engineering today. In doing so, the event should also highlight the importance of creativity, innovation, and collaboration in an effort to appeal to a diverse student body audience beyond the College of Engineering. (*This is a new event and therefore the structure of this event is subject to change based on the selected event director. It may include a variety of speakers and/or demonstrations so long as it connects engineers and non-engineers)

Engineering Leadership Forum (ELF) Director
ELF is a social-professional event offering students the opportunity to learn about professionals’ careers at respected engineering establishments. ELF provides professional insight for students seeking future leadership, internship, co-op, or full-time career opportunities in the industry. Students will interact with the distinguished faculty and company representatives through a set of workshops, panels, and a networking session.

Engineering Festival (E-Fest) Co-Directors
[Activities Director | Performance Director]
E-Fest features live music, free food, and a chance to meet like-minded both in and beyond the College of Engineering. Some of the many activities that will be available to participate in include, inflatables, tie-dye shirts, caricatures, and dunk tanks. The event follows a format similar to that of a carnival and is organized by Benton Engineering Council, Audio Engineering Society, Swamp Records, and other great organizations. Local Gainesville artists perform live music and student organizations organize activity booths for the E-Fest attendees. This event is one of the largest Engineers’ Week events and is open to the public.

Closing Ceremony Director
Closing ceremony officially marks the end of UF’s annual Engineers’ Week. The event welcomes all who were involved with the planning of Engineers’ Week and those representing student organizations at all Engineers’ Week events. The State of the College takes place as part of the closing ceremonies. During this, the dean for the college of engineering addresses the student body regarding the future of the college while discussing students’ concerns from the SWOT analysis. Food is provided during a sit down dinner and Engineers’ Week society awards, such as E-Cup, will also be distributed at this time.

ESL Event Director
This event would be a one day competition designed to address an engineering-related problem in the Gainesville community. Many of us chose to be engineers because we’re excited to use creative solutions to make a positive impact on the world. Engineering-related community service is an excellent way to remind us of our passions.

Battle-Bot Event Director
This event is a one day where teams from different organizations, schools, communities, build their own 3 pound battle bot which is then pitted against battle bots of other teams in a fight to the death.

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All of the directors and assistant directors will attend these weekly meetings to ensure everyone understands the progress of all other departments. This is critical for a united and complete Engineers' Week.
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