Signed MY LORD Bookplates
Please use this form to order a signed MY LORD bookplate from Shimaira.
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You can let me know via this form what you'd like.
I'll reach out to you when I have everything and can send your order. Only then will I confirm and request payment via PayPal and not sooner. Once I have received the PayPal payment, I'll mail your bookplate (and additional goodies).
Cover cards & Bookplate ~ Bookplate size: 102 x 76 mm
Please give me your name and address (where to mail your bookplate & goodies to). *
To whom should I dedicate the bookplate? Any specific message you'd want me to add? *
What would you like to receive? *
More than 1 magnet will make the envelope require an extra stamp, hence the higher cost.
If you want magnets, please select which ones:
The magnet size is comparable to that of a businesscard (87 x 49 mm).
Where can I contact you to confirm your order? *
Please provide either a twitter, instagram, or wattpad username.
Thank you ♥
I'll contact you soon, but feel free to poke me on wattpad (@Shimaira) or twitter/instagram (@LBShimaira) if you want a faster reply.
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