Petsies Rising Stars Application
In the last year, we have inducted over 200 of the internet's hottest pet celebrities into our Rising Stars program. We are using this pre-screen form to identify the best new pets to allow into our program.

We are looking for pets that are
1) Unique (coloration, markings, body shape, etc.)
2) Engaging (high follower comments and likes)
What is your pet's Instagram handle? *
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How many followers does your pet have? *
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What is your email? *
So we can send you the official Rising Stars invitation
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Please post about @Petsies to your Instagram
1) You may use any of the images from our site
2) Please focus on the core Petsies custom stuffed animal product (not the Petsies Stars product)
3) Please tag @Petsies so we can easily find the post

Why we ask for this:
1) We evaluate your salesmanship: how good are you at pitching a product. One day you'll be pitching customers your very own plush line!
2) We see the post and verify that you are in fact the owner of the IG handle stated above
3) We measure the engagement and appetite of your audience towards plush products
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