"FASD: What You Need to Know" Parent Collaboration Form
Oregon Behavior Consultation is creating a video series called "FASD: What You Need to Know". Each video will be geared toward a specific profession who would benefit from learning more about the specifics of FASD and, even more importantly, what they need to know as they are interacting with someone who has an FASD.

We are looking for feedback from parents who have experience working with professionals in the following areas: POLICE/LAW ENFORCEMENT, ATTORNEYS, SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS, SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS, and THERAPISTS. This form asks for your feedback on what your suggestions are for these professionals.

PLEASE ONLY FILL OUT ONE FORM PER PROFESSIONAL CATEGORY. If you have input in multiple areas, we appreciate you filling out this form separately for each professional category. This helps us with organizing all of the information more easily.

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