Survey about language teacher needs for digital class
We are planning to build a tool to help language teacher in their day to day from teaching to admin tasks. We are interested in knowing more about you, to better identify the needs. The questions won't take more than a few minutes.
Profile questions
How many years have you been a language teacher?
Clear selection
Which language do you teach?
How many hours do you teach per month?
Who are your students?
Where do you teach?
Admin questions
From the below admin tasks, what are the 5 that generate the most struggles?
How do you currently deal with admin tasks?
How much time do you spend per week on admin tasks?
Teaching questions
Which video conference system(s) do you use to teach online?
In your opinion, in addition to the video conference system(s), what are the 5 most important tools for teaching online?
Final questions
What else is frustrating you with your work?
To conclude, what do you most appreciate about online teaching?
Thanks for taking part in our survey. We appreciate you taking the time.
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