Themis Community Round
Themis is the first mover in bringing the highest demand DeFi services to the booming metaverse and GameFi economies.

Access NFT collateral, NFT leverage, and GameFi liquidity. Earn DeFi yields that are driven not by trading, but by playing and consumption.

Themis also brings leverage to liquidity providers: Uni v3 tokens, which are NFTs, can be collateralized to borrow stablecoins. The trading fees can potentially self-redeem the entire loan and interest.

Themis scales liquidity provision for market makers, launchpads, and long-term holders. Themis brings liquidity to the otherwise illiquid metaverse.


Join project socials and complete the form to be a part of the community round. There will be 50 winners of $100 allocations.


To participate in The Themisis community round, you need to join the project's Twitter + Telegram chat



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