Skincare Quiz
Selecting the optimum skincare solution is our goal for you. Did you know that we can help to analyze what Formulas would benefit you the most and how to layer them by filling out this questionnaire? Sherry and our team will work together to personalize the program and e-mail you back with the results within 3-4 days if not sooner.
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Understanding your skin type: We want to know what skin type you have. Check all that may apply to you.
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What type of skin tone do you have? *
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What color are your eyes? *
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Moisturizing Habits: How often do you use a moisturizer? *
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Understanding your cleaning regimen: How often do you cleanse your face? *
Sun Protection Habits: How often do you use sunscreen? *
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For each question: fill in yes, no, or sometimes. *
Do you swim in pools often?
Do you sauna a lot?
Do you wear makeup everyday?
Do you use a tanning bed?
Do you wear sunglasses?
Are you on daily medication?
Are you diabetic?
Do you take Vitamin B or complex?
What is your blood type? *
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What's your skincare budget (per month)? *
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