Skills Inventory & Questionnaire
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Have you ever changed a flat tire? *
Do you know how to write a check? *
How much do you think it costs to rent an apartment in Snyder? *
Have you ever had a job interview? *
Do you know where the breaker box in your house is located? *
Have you ever used thread and needles? *
When was the last letter you wrote? *
How often do you cook for your self? *
Do you do your own laundry? *
Would you like to learn how to make your own laundry detergent? *
What type of sleeping habits do you have? *
Do you know what to do in an Emergency Situation? *
How healthy are your eating habits? *
Do you know how to check the oil in a vehicle? *
Have you ever filed your own taxes? *
Do you know how to get the utilities turned on when you rent or buy a home? *
Do you know what needs to go on a resume? *
Do you know where your hot water heater is located in your house? *
Do you know how to sew? *
When did you send your last "Thank You" card? *
What is your favorite meal to cook? *
When was the last time you did the laundry at your house? *
Are you a DIY person? *
What time do you normally go to bed at night? *
Do you know how to apply bandages and stop the bleeding if someone was hurt? *
I would like to know more about the following topics. (Check all that apply.) *
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