Show & Tell Humane Education Work Shop Registration
This work shop is for anyone that has an interest in Humane Education.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 28th From 9:00am to 4:00pm (Doors open at 8:30)
WHERE: 1951 River Street, Bowing Green Kentucky 42101
This workshop will be in the DAVIS/MOSBY center which is the grey building located behind the shelter.
* Please do not park inside the shelters fencing. There will be plenty of parking at the Davis/Mosby Center.

Attendees will have the opportunity to "show" their humane education demonstrations and "Tell" how they are working in their humane education program. Don't forget to bring your props and be ready to take pictures and notes. We want to make sure everyone leaves with new ideas to take back to their community.

If you are new to Humane Education and do not want to present that is ok, we are excited to share our ideas and help you get started!

Cost is $10 per person to help cover food and drinks. (taken at the welcome table)

BGWC Humane Society Education presentations will include:

Dog Spay/Neuter
Cat Spay/Neuter
Understanding Feral Cats
Pretend to be a shelter worker
Understanding dog/cat body language
How does a microchip work
What is heart worm?
How do to educate to politicians.

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