Ethereum Premium Exchange Donation Bounty
Become the highest donator and receive 250.000 tokens

In order to get ETHPR on good quality exchanges please sent your donations.
Every donation off 1 ETH or 0.02 BTC will be rewarded with 25.000 ETHPR with a max of 10 ETH or 0.2 BTC (250.000 ETHPR)
Higher then 10 ETH or 0.2 BTC is allowed to complete for the top 10 donations

The top 10 donations per ETH address will receive huge rewards:

1st - 250.000 ETHPR
2nd - 100.000 ETHPR
3rd - 85.000 ETHPR
4th - 65.000 ETHPR
5th - 50.000 ETHPR
6th - 25.000 ETHPR
7th - 20.000 ETHPR
8th - 15.000 ETHPR
9th - 10.000 ETHPR
10th - 5.000 ETHPR

There is no raffle because the highest donator will win

Donations will close Friday 30 November 23:59 UTC

Please sent your BTC or ETH donations to:
Bitcoin Address: 15ju2EGtL7DyKVm7D4via1CrRttmR1gZEK
Ethereum Address: 0x7a01C33490591FaCaA917eA96Cc84833913FE30D

Confirm this address on our website:

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