The CalArts Commission for Sustainability (CCS), in collaboration with the CFO's office is pleased to offer the first ever sustainability Grants to the CalArts community!

CalArts mission is to educate artists in a learning environment founded on art making excellence, creative experimentation, critical reflection and the diversity of voices. Many times, we forget the actual impact our art making has within this environment. These CCS Grants seeks to engage creative practices with social and ecological responsibility, while learning the knowledge, language and skills necessary to excel in this emerging field. The goal of any project receiving a CCS Grant is to not necessarily solve an environmental problem but point out potential solutions, raise awareness and provide a starting conversation regarding issues of social, political and ecological justice. There is no particular style or look of a project that would be associated with a CCS Grant. The following guidelines are examples of topics, themes or processes that could be considered for a CCS Grant.

- Urban regeneration, community development and cultural diversity, energy and water, transport.
- Ecology, ecosystems and biodiversity, pollution and waste, climate change, peak oil.
- Resource efficiency, carbon foot printing.
- Workforce development, organizational learning, corporate responsibility.
- Human rights, social justice and equality, citizenship and governance.
- Globalization, consumerism and ethical trade.
- Health and wellbeing.
- Reused materials, locally sourced materials, water-based or biodegradable materials.

These examples would apply to any art piece, film, installation, research paper, story, dance recital, theater production or musical performance. Please know that the above mentioned are simply examples of topics. It is up to the individual student to present their case and give a context to why their project would qualify for a CCS Grant.