Belux Special Operations Group - Registration form
Welcome to the Special Operations Group !
Do you want to taste a different way of flying or controlling ? Take off with full power on your F-16 ? Bring some cargo with a C130 ? Patrol along Belgian highways with a Federal Police MD900 ? Or maybe act as a military ATC ?
SpecOps are for you !

Join us by filling the following form.
What next ?
1) if your application is accepted, you will get an "ab-initio" training, in order to learn the special operations rules and procedures.
2) after the ab-initio training, you will join one or several categories among the 4 possibilities (tactical, transport, light aviation or ATC), where you will get further training
3) after completion of the specialized training, you will be affected to a squadron and will enjoy special operations as much as you want :-)

Any question ? Send an e-mail to !

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