Ministering Feedback
We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on the following regarding Ministering. All online submissions are kept confidential and are reported only to the Bishopric. An email address is required for the purpose of sending a copy of the completed submission to you.
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1. What scripture story is a great example of ministering to you?
2. How would you like to be ministered to?
3. How do you hope to see things change with the ministering program?
4. What do you think is the biggest challenge in ministering to others?
5. What obstacles might be in your way to truly minister to others?
6. What obstacles do you put up so others can't effectively minister to you?
7. How can you increase your love for others, especially those you don't know or don't automatically get along with?
8. What can you do to create unity between you and those you minister to?
9. How can you involve your family in ministering?
10. How can you supplement your monthly visits so it makes a difference in the lives of those you minister?
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