RSVP for Sept. 5th at 6:45 pm Public Safety Coalition Planning Meeting
Thank you for RSVP-ing for our second public safety meeting to be held on September 5th at 6:45 pm at District Bridges at 3400 11th St NW Suite 200. Please answer the questions below regardless of whether you attended the first meeting, this will help us stay together in our efforts moving forward. If you attended the first meeting please ignore any duplicate questions.
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If you are coming as part of an organization please tell us your title within that organization and a little bit about what you do...
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At the first meeting we worked to define public safety, in your own words how do you define public safety?
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We would like to create an event in the efforts to connect and share resources to increase the public safety in our community. This event will be held in early/mid Winter. If you were to participate in the public safety event how do you envision helping with that event?
When would work best for your schedule for us to hold our first event?
At the first meeting we came up with a list of resources we lack (red/left) and resources we have an abundance of (blue/right).
Thinking of what resources we listed do you have any thoughts, do you recognize any patterns, is there anything we can do to meet our needs to obtain resources and share resources?
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Please share any other thoughts, questions, comments or concerns you may have here...
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