Operation EarthWatch NOVEMBER 2019: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"
K-3rd grades: Choose at least 3 activities. 4th-5th grades: Choose at least 4 activities.
Due Date: November 4, 2019.

Download a paper copy at https://sites.google.com/site/operationearthwatch/activity-sheets. Email: earthwatchcontact@gmail.com.
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America Recycles Day: November 15
Recycling saves natural resources and energy because it takes less energy to make new products using recycled materials than to use raw materials that are newly extracted from the earth. Encourage your parents to pledge to increase recycling at home, at work, and at school. 1) With your parent’s permission, read the pledge and encourage your parents to take it at https://americarecyclesday.org/pledge/ The pledge asks us to reduce, reuse, recycle and to buy recycled. 2) Talk to your parents about the things your family buys. What is one thing that your family has bought that is recycled? 3) Tell us about it here in a story, song, poem or on a separate piece of recycled paper picture. (If needed, Email picture of your work to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com).
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Character Building: Thinking
Apples are a popular fruit in the fall. Think about all the ways you can eat them (such as: apple cider, applesauce, apple pie, etc…). 1) Ask a parent if you can get some exercise by walking around a supermarket with them one day and see how many different ways you can find apples and apple products for sale. Look at how they are packaged and think about the waste that is left after the apple part is eaten. 2) What are some of the different ways apples are sold? 3) What do you think is the least wasteful way to buy apples?
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Street Waste Monitor
Be your street’s Trash Monitor for a week. 1) List some of the types of waste that you found on your street. 2) Could the waste you found be reused or recycled? 3) Think about one item you found. Is there any way that the person who discarded the item could have avoided purchasing the item in the first place? 4) Tell us how using words here or on a separate piece of recycled paper. (If needed, Email picture of your work to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com).
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What a view! (Repeats monthly)
Choose a window from which you can see some ‘nature’. You will look at the view from this window each month from October to March. What did it look like in November? Describe your view below or on a piece of recycled paper using words or a picture. (If needed, Email picture of your work to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com).
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Getting ready for the holidays
It is getting harder to recycle glass. Help keep glass out of the waste stream by collecting and reusing glass jars. Clean them and fill them with candy or small items to use as gifts for the holiday season. You could reuse some holiday paper and ribbon to decorate them. 1) How many gifts did you make? 2) Take a picture or draw a picture of your holiday gift jars and email them to us. (Email picture of your work to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com).
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Handkerchiefs vs. Tissues
If you don’t know what a handkerchief (or ‘hanky’) is, visit the library and find out. 1) What do you think are the environmental benefits of using hankies? Talk to your parents about handkerchiefs and discuss the possibility of using them instead of tissues. 2) Will your family use handkerchiefs instead of tissues?
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Cranes on the horizon
There are some big construction projects happening in Falls Church at the moment. These projects take lots of careful thought to manage. Think about one of these projects and the waste it makes. 1) In the space below or on a separate piece of recycled paper tell us how you think the amount of waste from a construction site could be reduced? (If needed, Email picture of your work to earthwatchcontact@gmail.com).
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Community Volunteer Event
Wear some recycled clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and help with planting at the Habitat Restoration Event at Isaac Crossman Park (535 North Van Buren St.) on November 23, from 10am-12pm. Ask your parents to register by calling 571-238-5178 or emailing jedwards@fallschurchva.gov. 1) What did you wear to this event that was recycled?
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Choose Your Own
Choose your own activity related to the theme of Nature Care (some activity ideas can be found at www.operationearthwatch.org). Complete the activity and describe it here:
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